Ultimate Guide to Promote the Blog Through Social Media Networks

There is actually no point in writing blog posts that don’t get enough views.

In other words, blog needs promotion.

Except for just relying on your search engine traffic, you still need to try out other channels.

And you will achieve much better results if you get armed with some tried and tested techniques that experienced marketers use themselves.
Ultimate Guide to Promote the Blog Through Social Media Networks
Here is how you can double or even triple your blog traffic with the help of social media.

Write custom descriptions for each blog post and each social media website

Even though you will often hear it’s much easier to link your blog to all your social media profiles and publish new posts automatically, I would still insist on doing this on your own.

There are no two identical social media websites, they all have their own audiences, different post formatting requirements, or recommendations. Twitter will limit you in characters per post while Pinterest and Instagram are more focused on images rather than stories.

For maximum exposure, any links you add should go with a friendly introduction. In Facebook, it can be a short description of the research you’ve conducted in your post or the most valuable finding from your article.

Meanwhile, in Twitter, it can be just an intriguing and provocative sentence or question about your post.

Share and promote blog content in social groups

In addition to sharing your posts with your followers, join various communities in social media and discuss your blog content there.

Facebook and LinkedIn have a wide variety of groups divided by different business sectors. When you share your posts in the thematic groups, you will not only drive traffic to your website but also position yourself as an expert in your field.

Ask other group members to give their opinions about certain aspects of the article or simply explain why they might find it useful.
LinkedIn also has its own platform for hosting your written content. Your posts have more chances to be seen here as users frequently look through your entire profile when they open it. Just make sure you add the links to your original blog posts.
It is possible to host as many posts as you like. It’s like having your blog’s copy in a different place and then inviting readers from one place to another.

Design compelling images for your blog posts and add Pin buttons to them

When it comes to promoting your blog in social media, it’s crucial to take care of stellar images.

Even the brightest stock images are not going to be as effective as custom graphics that is tailored right to your content ideas. You can collect some really useful stats related to the topic you share in your blog and then create some small infographics based on them.

They will serve as a perfect picture for your article and a great way to grab attention in social media. First of all, they will look impressive.
  • Moreover, they bring some informative value.
Social media users are in a way lazy and they will get tempted to open the post that shows some facts or classifications packed in a nice infographic. Together, content and graphics bring much better results than alone. If you produce really creative stuff, you can expect that someone might be willing to pin it to their Pinterest boards.

Add Pin buttons to your images so that readers could easily save your pics to their Pinterest. It will give your posts much higher chances to get shared – some may like your content, while others might prefer your graphics instead.

Can you guess which posts work the best in social media?

Do you know what your readers expect to see when they browse through their timelines? It’s fun, motivation, free gifts, useful information, catching up on some fresh news, etc.

So what are your blog posts ready to offer from this list? Let’s say your target readers are freelancers. Don’t just write about the ways for them to become successful. You can pick up the best places in the world where freelancers can go for a vacation and still have a chance to work.

Even if such posts will only have 20% of text and 80% of images, they will be much easier to promote via social media channels. Give your followers a chance to relax. Don’t bombard them with lots of technical stuff that they will have to read on and on.

Or describe some funny stories in your industry – your followers will enjoy them a lot. Not all of your blog posts should be serious and educational.

But when it’s time promote some serious and long blog posts, your followers will be more inclined to open and read them if you have already earned their trust by giving them some fun occasionally.

And of course, create really catchy titles for your posts, no matter how serious and informative they are. Good titles are crucial for promoting blog posts in social media. 

Use paid ads to promote your blog

Yes, I know, spending money on marketing campaigns is difficult, especially when social media is traditionally seen as a free marketing channel.

Nevertheless, it can significantly boost your blog visibility. Choose some really compelling posts that can bring more value to you than others.
  • For example, these can be the posts that invisibly promote your business, describe the benefits of new technology that you use, etc.
Special attention should be paid to the headlines – they will be decisive for your paid campaigns and a number of clicks to your blog. Make your campaigns targeted to selected countries, age, gender, or time of the day.

Are you ready?

When used right, social media can help businesses build huge online communities and increase their brand awareness.

Nevertheless, good results require well-planned campaigns and approaches. It has never been easy enough.

When you need to promote your blog, social media is a great place to rely on. Are you ready to follow the best practices used by some of the most famous brands and experiment with your own creative ways to promote your business in social media?

Hopefully, you will find your social media marketing campaigns rewarding for your blog.
Guest contribution by: Richard Nolan a blogger and a private tutor,  sharing his experience in spheres of  blogging, self-growth, and psychology. Learn more about Richard on Facebook and Twitter.