The Bottom Line of SEO

You know? potential of every business to make money will last for first three months of this year.
Yes or no, you should take it serious as I have investigated this thing for last three years and got the results as people in even third month of the every new year searches for new year offers.

And here is the potential! potential to make more money in the name of happy new year.
The Bottom Line of SEO in 2017 ⇜
We should take advantage of this year, and to take advantage of this new year coming just after some day - here I am with you to tell you that how you can sky rocket your business blog or eCommerce website's traffic by doing great search engine optimization as per as requirements.

I will keep it accurate and quick for you to do the main thing first.

Social Media Will Get The Game 💟

👉 Whatever you do for driving good traffic - you can't ignore the social media.

As social media is dominating the search rankings by giving the signals to search engine robots that some pages are getting huge conversation rate on their platform(s) and when they send the signal to robots - Google or any other search engine can't ignore this.

Instead that search robots set an eye on the signals and they start crawling that social media accounts/pages to gain more insights, and when they get enough information they perform an audit to check that how popular a site/blog is?

After that if they found that the blog/content or any web-page is trending on social media for some hours to days they give the priority to that web-page to rank it higher then other same pages in their index.

As Matt Cutts said:
Social signals should not be looked at for "short term" benefits but rather as a "long term" play.
It means, they (search engine robots) don't give you instant rankings by when you got famous incidentally on social media or you get some quick engagements on your social media sharing from status to images and videos.

Instead you have to maintain a strategic growth at your social media accounts and pages to get the trust of Google and other search engines to gain more and better rankings even when you can't get good social media engagement *but you should maintain that to do more in serps.

💥 Top tip: Make sure that your social media profiles and pages are doing well with your fans, friends and followers and don't forget to increase engagement by updating social media accounts on daily to weekly basis with the content your audience is interested in.

☝ I recommend you to upload related videos and gain more views by spending on ads within social media platforms as you can get them as cheap as you want. Also having a watermark on every video using your logo or any thing related to your branding will boost your marketing ratio.

Smartphone Apps Will Take Over 👊

👉 Handy devices such as smartphones and tablets with apps will take over the traffic of internet.

People are purchasing and purchasing and purchasing smartphones, tablets and many other handy devices to do surf the internet at every time they can. We also got a survey about traffic stats of internet and which we saw that small businesses are getting 70% of their traffic from mobiles and other handy devices.

Here is something we got after asking to 1,000+ people from different countries and on the basis of many polls online about handy devices (including tablets, smartwatches and other devices).
All Blog Things: Report about uses of handy devices worldwide

The stats are:
  • 90% people who own a handy device ought to use social media networking apps
  • 75% from them enjoy playing games (online and offline too)
  • 40% of smartphone and other handy devices users love to read latest and breaking news
  • Only 35% people visits eCommerce websites on mobiles and tablets to shop online (it is increasing now)
  • As there are so many utility apps in every handy devices like torch and health care apps. People tend to use them whenever they think about hidden features of their devices and this is unknown numbers as we don't know that how much people are using these offline apps which comes (built-in) with every handy device
This report is totally legal and based on real stats without any extra chilies for SEO.

💥 Top tip: Do create an app about your business, blog or website and do add some options to chat with your clients and readers.

☝ I to have an android app created with feed reader and add ads using admob, you can also make a website related to news and videos using apis of different sites like YouTube and BBC News.

Need To Do More Work On Responsive Designs 👇

That day are gone when you just have to create a responsive design and eat the sweet fruit of more ad clicks and more readers.

As for now in 2017 you have to take your blog/site to the next levels of responsiveness. As far as I know about the mobile users and based on my own experience we just want speed and just speed.

However in some countries like Pakistan and India we are fighting with low quality in speed of internet but we also wants speed.

Whatever the speed of our internet connection we want sites to load fast and that is why people love UC-browser (the browser gives more speed then usual internet explorers).

Here come the last point of SEO to consider and make your sites and blogs ready for next algorithms by Google and other search engine as I predict:
Google and other search engines will soon rank sites/blogs which are speedy on their mobile versions and make readers view more pages just because of the speed.
In case you can't boost the speed with a responsive design you should try creating a separate version of your site/blog using a sub-domain as or ask your web developer to do this for you.

You can also hire a perfect coder on any freelancing site to make your mobile site load up faster.


SEO is coming, oops I was trying to type 2019 is coming and coming soon.

In this time we have to do little work on our web-pages to make it sure that we can boost our rankings by topping the charts of different algorithms waiting for the next year.

As per as my experience and research Google and other search engines will give more priority to mobile optimized sites/blogs. So its better to have that ready for your readers and search engine bots too.

Good luck with your mobile optimization.


  1. Hey Umer,

    Hope all is fine with you.

    Well, You've gathered awesome 3 tips here.

    But one thing, Backlinks will be also part of this but Quality One! :)

    Thanks for the write-up!

    Keep it up ;)

  2. Hello there Abdul Samad!

    Nice to see you here again and I know back-linking is a key thing SEO.

    Just forget to mention that in 2017 we have to create just awesomely best quality back-links as bots are going clever on link techniques.

    That is why people are turning to become authors at high authority sites and do get back-links with official rights.

    I also wanna suggest that a link in your bio is a good thing rather then having it in a 15,000 words article where the clicking chances are low.

    One last tip is: When you create link (backlinks) make sure that in first few days you get traffic from that link "as if you don't generate traffic from a backlink then it is nothing and may get you in the spam list of Google bots".

    Wishing you the very best and good of luck :)

    Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Hi
    It is very nice article to read and i like this. Thank you for sharing this wonderful idea to us
    Have a nice day
    God bless you

  4. Social Media - Smartphones - I'd say the web has taken over when it comes to commerce activities in today's world.

    QUESTION: In considering these details related to SEO in 2017, I noticed that the focus was not on how to correctly optimize on-page content in today's world. I would be pleased to write that article for you. May I?

    I'm also open to other thoughts and ideas that pertain to your content creation requirements.

    1. You are most welcome!

      Checkout our guest posting page ☝

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