6 Things to Consider Before Using Expired Domains [Infographic]

Many confusions are hovering over the heads of bloggers when they come to expired domains.

They try to find guidance on buying expired domains in many ways such as searching on Google or asking friends on social media networks.

They can't get the help they need and this makes them fall-down.
So, I wanted to share these helpful tips which you have to consider before using expired domains. 😃

1. Anchor text:

Anchor text is a nothing but a clickable text in a hyperlink. One of the best seo practice is to add an anchor text which is relevant to the page.

Now whenever you consider using an expired domain, it’s always a best practice to check its anchor text profile in Ahrefs or the Majestic seo.

You can find out few factors that whether the anchor text is over optimised or whether it has another language which you can’t understand.

If you ever discovered that your anchor text is over optimised or it has any foreign anchor tag other than English, then it’s better to avoid those domains.

2. Links:

Links are always vital in the game of seo, whenever you stepped wrong foot on the links then your site will just collapse in Google and other search engines. So you should be careful with links.

When you consider using an expired domain always do take some precautions with links:
  •     Use any backlink checker tools like Ahrefs to check backlinks of the expired domain.
  •     Links from spammy sites are too risky; it’s better to leave that site if you find more spam links.
  •     The site must have at least 50 root domains linking to that expired domain.
If you are considering any expired domain, then it must have at least few links from the high authority sites like Entrepreneur, Huffington post, etc.

3. Content:

Content is always king, so it is best to check domain's content in the WayBack machine.

It should have enough content published on that blog and do remember that niche should be the same over time to get some benefit out of that expired domain.

If you ever found that the domain has content in foreign languages then just stay away from that expired domain.

4. DO Check Spam Score, DA, TF, and CF:

It is important to check Spam score, DA, TF and CF before you work on the expired domain.

Check your spam score and DA with Opensiteexplorer. I prefer 20+ TF & CF; you can use Majestic seo tool to check these TF & CF.

Always do prefer expired domain with Domain authority more than 20. If it is less than 20, then it is not preferable.

5. Domain Age:

Domain age plays a significant role in building the site authority; aged domains are always good for authority. So check the domain history in whois.domaintools.com.

Multiple time domains drop is always doubtful.

6. Other Practices you must check:

  •     You must check whether AdSense ban in ctrlq.org/sandbox/
  •     Check the indexed status in Google, and if you find the domain is indexed, then it’s a good sign.
6 Things to Consider Before Using Expired Domains [Infographic]

These are things you should consider before working on an expired domain. Hope you all liked this article. If you have any queries, feel free to shoot a comment or email. I’ll be waiting for your feedback.
 Guest contribution by: Nikhil Saini the owner of Myquickidea, a blogging niche blog. You can follow him on Twitter & Facebook