41 Inspirational Quotes on Entrepreneurship

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Here I want you to read out some of the inspirational entrepreneurial quotes which I was searching all over the internet and found that many bloggers are sharing the best-ever entrepreneurship quotes on their blogs.

41 Inspirational Quotes on Entrepreneurship

So here is a list of powerful quotes entrepreneurs can use to motivate and Inspire themselves and also their readers. These are some of the most inspiring entrepreneur quotes for success. So read them now:

41 Inspirational Quotes on Entrepreneurship

What is entrepreneurship to you?

According to me, the entrepreneur means starting something that is not already started and then exploring more ways to do something that is already being done or is yet to be done.

However, you can read some entrepreneurship quotes to inspire your ideas and be more creative:

  1. The good news about entrepreneurship is that your fate is in your hands. The bad news is that your fate is in your hands! Guy Kawasaki
  2. Entrepreneurship is all about deferred gratification. N. R. Narayana Murthy
  3. The truth is that entrepreneurship is more like a roller coaster ride than a cruise. Vivek Wadhwa
  4. Entrepreneurship is usually about people executing in the face of other folks telling them that it's not going to work. Dave McClure
  5. What is great about entrepreneurship is that entrepreneurs create the tangible from the intangible. Robert Herjavec
  6. When you create more small businesses, you create small entrepreneurship. Out of that comes self-determination and employment. Jesse Jackson
  7. Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship. It drives everything: Job creation, poverty alleviation, innovation. Elliott Bisnow
  8. By working to ensure we live in a society that prioritizes public safety, education, and innovation, entrepreneurship can thrive and create a better world for all of us to live in. Ron Conway
  9. Entrepreneurship is the key to emerging technologies. James H. Clark
  10. No community values entrepreneurship and small business more than the Hispanic community. Marco Rubio
  11. Nobody talks of entrepreneurship as survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking. Anita Roddick
  12. Immigration is the ultimate entrepreneurship. Sam Yagan
  13. Entrepreneurship is not really building a product, it's not having an idea, it's not being in the right place at the right time. It's fundamentally company building. Eric Ries
  14. Confidence, capital, and credit fuel entrepreneurship and economic expansion. Elaine Chao
  15. I think that sometimes people are frightened to take the risk of entrepreneurship. Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
  16. Entrepreneurship is really hard and painful - I'm not sure I'd recommend it for anyone who can't handle the extreme stress. Naval Ravikant
  17. The Columbia Startup Lab is a visible symbol of how the university is making entrepreneurship an integral part of all colleges at the university. Steve Blank
  18. The need to encourage entrepreneurship and ensure that young people have the opportunity to start new businesses is acute. Edmund Phelps
  19. If you are passionate about entrepreneurship like I am, you too can instill this passion in your children. Naveen Jain
  20. I believe for the first time in history, entrepreneurship is now a viable career. Eric Ries
  21. Learning Gardens are outdoor classrooms, engaging learning environments where kids learn about math, science, entrepreneurship, and above all else, real food. Kimbal Musk
  22. German businessmen are overwhelmed by the high cost of doing business. Inflexible rules, enforced by a burgeoning bureaucracy, discourage entrepreneurship. Suzanne Fields
  23. To me, entrepreneurship means something different. I think of it as identifying and valuing opportunity. Glenn Hubbard
  24. We believe that the government has an important role to create the conditions that promote entrepreneurship, upward mobility, and individual responsibility. Paul Ryan
  25. We see entrepreneurship and small businesses and supply chains as a critical part of the economic growth and competitiveness agenda. Karen Mills
  26. As I continue to believe that innovation and entrepreneurship are the key drivers to our economic future, it's frustrating to hear such little cogent discussion around it. Brad Feld
  27. I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started my own software company in high school and went to college to study entrepreneurship. Marc Benioff
  28. You know where entrepreneurship in my opinion has to go? Into the inner city. John Kasich
  29. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Guy Kawasaki
  30. Someone once described entrepreneurship to me as a series of happy accidents. Kevin Systrom
  31. I'd like to open doors for underserved communities and minorities in entrepreneurship. Troy Carter
  32. I think entrepreneurship is a beautiful thing. Jason Calacanis
  33. Entrepreneurship is the very back bone of our country and what makes us great - we are a nation of founders. Nancy Lublin
  34. The trend in entrepreneurship is up, but an entrepreneur's ability to hire is down. Sam Graves
  35. The idea of entrepreneurship applies as much in politics, religion, society and the arts as it does in business. Geoff Mulgan
  36. Confidence, capital, and new markets fuel entrepreneurship and job-generating expansion of existing businesses. Elaine Chao
  37. I told myself, 'I am teaching entrepreneurship, so I should be an entrepreneur myself.' Dan Shechtman
  38. And innovation and entrepreneurship is the opportunity and best opportunity we have to grow the economy. Jerry Moran
  39. Entrepreneurship is the last refuge of the trouble making individual. Natalie Clifford Barney
  40. A country that cannot support entrepreneurship has no hope. Lu Guanqiu
  41. As a political independent, I would gladly vote for any political party dedicated to limited government and entrepreneurship. Arthur C. Brooks
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