10 Ways to Grow an Email List

Email lists are a very important thing for every company or business.

It is essential that you’re always adding new contacts and expanding your list, as this is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience or customers and promote your products or services.

If you haven’t really gotten to it yet or you simply don’t get the best results from your current email list, here are 10 simple ways to help it grow.

10 Ways to Grow an Email List with Bonus Tip

1. Promote offers that require email submission

No matter what kind of social media you have created for your business, use it to promote offers.

Make it so it shows that only people who are subscribed to your email list can have access and share it through all your social media accounts.

The said offers can either be for a product, a service or even a potential giveaway, depending on what type of business you work for or own.
You can also offer a discount to those who sign up by email to you website.

2. Optimize your emails for every device

If you wish for people to stay subscribed to your email list, you need to make your emails interesting and easy to read.

Start by making sure your emails are optimized for every device.

Your pictures need to be small in size so they load faster and also be of good quality. Along with that, your subject line needs to be to the point and able to catch the reader’s attention.

This way, your subscribers are more likely to forward your email to their peers, and that can grant you more contacts and a better reputation.

3. Send your emails regularly

We are all creatures of habit and we like to keep things under control. This fact can easily apply to your email list. Keep the time and the day that you send your emails stable and don’t forget to keep them coming regularly.

The more people see that you systematically send out great content, the more likely they are to recommend your emails to their peers.

Along with that, let your potential subscribers know exactly when you’ll be sending them new emails, so they will keep expecting them.

4. Crate a poll seeking your reader’s preferences

One of the most important things when it comes to email marketing is to satisfy your reader’s needs.

In order to achieve that, create a poll on your Facebook page or your website, asking people what they would like to see in your emails.

Whether that is more offers or more educational content, you should really listen to what they want the most and offer it to them. This will show them that you care and you want to provide a good service. It will also attract new contacts, as people will see that you care about tending to their individual needs.

5. Invest in the quality of your emails

It is very important that the content that you add to your emails is of high quality.

You might think that proofreading the content after you’re done writing is boring, but it’s actually very important. A badly written email, full of grammar and spelling mistakes can leave a bad impression on your customers.

If you need help with proofreading and editing your paper, there are plenty of high quality services online that can help you do just that, without you having to worry about it at all.

6. Ask your current subscribers to share and forward your emails

If you already have a few people on your email list and you do your best to make sure the emails you send are of good quality, you shouldn’t feel bad to encourage them to share them with their peers.

Chances are that if your emails are consistent and pleasant, your email subscribers will be happy to share and forward them.

7. Offer the first few subscribers a bonus gift or discount code

This is a very simple and efficient way to grow your email list. It is also used by most companies on a regular basis as it attracts a lot of new subscribers.

Using your social media as the way to promote this, let people know that you are either offering a bonus gift or a discount to however many people subscribe to your email list first.

You are sure to attract a lot of people this way.

8. Make the sign-up process easy

The easier it is for someone to sign-up to receive your newsletter, the more likely it is that they will recommend it to their circle.

If the process is difficult, people are probably not going to go into great lengths to subscribe.

9. Assure your contacts their personal information is safe

One of the most important things is to let people know their personal information will only be used to send them emails from your business.

Make sure you follow an anti-spam policy so your future and current readers have no need to worry about their private information.

10. Mention someone influential on social media

This is a very simple tactic that can easily bring you more contacts.

All you have to do is mention someone with a lot of influence on social media such as Twitter and then tweet about it.

If the said person sees it and decides to retweet it, it’s more than likely that your email list will gain quite a few more additions.

11. Communication is key

These are just some of the tactics you can follow to help your email list grow.

Out of everything though, you need to keep in mind that it is best to listen to your subscribers’ preferences; they are the ones that will either make or break it.

As your email list starts to grow, you will notice that more and more of your contacts will share and promote your emails.

This will happen soon enough, but until then you need to take it one step at a time and keep going as you learn from your mistakes.
Guest contribution by: Alaine Gordon a young and talented content manager at Essays Solutions. She has been writing professionally since 2010 about almost everything, starting from psychology and to the finance. Her huge dream is to visit every single country in the world.