How to Monetize Your Videos Online to Earn Money Easily

How to Monetize Your Videos Online to Earn Money Easily
Before uploading videos to YouTube and any other video sharing website which is also sharing revenue with the creators, you should keep in mind that earning money from video content or vlogging is not that easy as many YouTubers and Marketers said.

I have tested many video sharing websites and also tested their revenue sharing modules to get a thought of how they work and how much we can earn by creating videos and uploading them to that websites.

There are so many predictions about the internet for coming years, and many I would like to say that internet of things will become internet of videos in near future.


Because everybody nowadays loves video content and everybody loves to watch video lessons, music and movies with a twist of viral and funny video sharing websites, people are turning to video content on a highest level.

So, here I want to guide you about how you can easily monetize your video content and make huge money from it even without sharing a penny to other services and doing what you love:

1. Contribution and Donations

Creators from around the globe are using many platforms to get contributions and donations for their creations in video content format and watchers loves to support best video makers.

However, if you are new in the video sharing and video making industry you can still use a service called Patreon which is a best and advance platform to share paid content and get support in image of money.

Now you may think that getting donations and contributions from others for sharing your video content is not good in religious views or governmental laws, but what I have to say is:
You are doing hard work for creating videos, and you should be paid for your hard work. It doesn't matter how you are getting paid.
So, don't worry about any illegal activity here.

Since you are creating your own custom videos and guiding people in many ways, you have to authority to charge people or let them say thank-you to you with a money bag.

2. Sponsorship

Since you are creating your own lovely videos about different topics and what I suggest you is: Use YouTube for getting sponsorship opportunities.

As Google's YouTube is the #1 video sharing website on the internet and most of the internet users loves to browse videos and search new videos on YouTube at daily basis.

So that there is a big chance for you to get one of your videos go viral one time and than you will get to know what YouTube have to deal with to provide quality.

As there are millions of people using internet on daily basis, many marketers and product managers and so many companies are also busy in finding YouTubers who fits in their industry or niche and they love to collaborate or sponsor them.

There are some ways you can get sponsorship opportunities on YouTube:
  • Be open and add a contact me link in your Channel details and video Description
  • Mention that you are accepting sponsorship offers of any kind
  • Companies will contact you to collaborate, sponsor your next upload, sponsor a show or episode or pay you to review their product
Also there are so many other ways you will get sponsors to pay you for uploading on YouTube and as well on other videos sharing websites.

It works best for big channels on YouTube, however starters can also try it (there might be a chance).

3. Advertisement

This is the only and basic way of earning money on videos which almost every video maker is known to.

Because all of the internet users who are in thinking of earning money online by uploading videos on YouTube are aware of Google Adsense and they know how to use it for getting ad-clicks and earn money using the best publisher network (Adsense).

However, when we are uploading videos on other websites and or on our self hosted website. We have to choose a platform who can adjust its ads system with our platform.

So for the self hosted blogs and websites having video content, I recommend to use Google Adsense for videos as it can easily installed and it starts working just like copy and pasting the code.

Still we can add more advertisement in our videos and its how we can do it:
  1. Upload a promo of your next upload and tell that you are accepting in-video-advertisement 
  2. Companies or marketers will contact you and than you can tell them that you will charge $$$ for XX second ad in video (which will be there for whole life)
  3. You can ask for big price as this type of life time advertisement opportunity can lead to hundreds of dollars deal
However, I haven't seen anybody doing in-video-advertisement.

But still there is a big chance for you to break the internet with introducing a new way of earning money uploading videos online.

So, if you need more information about how to monetize your videos online to earn money easily than please comment below.

Thanks for the read.