Can You Be A Minimalist And Do SEO Effectively

Search engine optimization is on the mind of every marketer. You need to understand it, learn it and put it into action. You are not sure where or how to get started. There's so much to it, like understanding keyword density, link architecture and back links. A significant amount of time may need to spent on this, and frankly you don't have all that time. You are running a business and you need to focus on the core operation. Do the odds of achieving high ranking and attracting relevant traffic sounds like too big of a job for you? But there's a secret to all this. Something that most SEO specialists don't discuss is that you can do minimal SEO and get potential leads, interested people and possibly customers.
Can You Be A Minimalist And Do SEO Effectively

Unique Keywords

While the super popular keywords are all taken up by the big brands, you can still actively rank on top for potential consumers who are looking specifically for you. Keywords no longer have to be based on popularity in order to get ranked, keywords that are relevant will also help businesses get on top of search engine results. You can rank for long-tail keywords that are less popular but more relevant to the business. This means that people who are interested in your product or service will search for you. In this instance, visitors will be doing a search not for general keywords but more unique keywords. If you are in real estate, for instance, Austin real estate is a popular keyword that most businesses would be attempting to get ranked for. However, you could get a ranking for Don Patterson, Austin Texas, Don Patterson Realty.

How do you pick and analyze unique keywords? Here's what you can do. Go into Google, type about your business and see what comes up. For popular terms such as Austin real estate, there will be listings in the title for this phrase itself. This specific phrase is being targeted because of its competitive nature and the business has worked hard to get it ranked on top. There are phrases that are less competitive and are not being targeted. Although this doesn't mean that no one is searching for them. They are ripe for the taking.

Optimize Title Tags

How do you optimize title tags? Title tags can be seen at the top of the browser. They may seem unimportant to marketers, however, it is a contributing factor for SEO. The simplest way to make title tags effective is to include a keyword and descriptive phrase to inform the visitor what the web page is about. Here’s an example.
  • - For the homepage you can put Don Patterson Realty, serving buyers in Austin Texas.
  • - For the bio you can include Don Patterson, serving clients in Austin Texas for 20 years.
  • - With unique keywords there is a good chance of people showing up at your website for specific term searches.

Optimizing Content

Once the title tag has been chosen and optimized, next move onto optimizing your content with those same unique words. Don't go overboard. As much as you want to capture the attention of Google, you might lose the interest of your readers. Although you incorporate unique keywords, you still have to make natural language a big part of your web page. The content should be amazing, fresh and authentic with keywords splattered in all the right places

You have to please both the visitor and search engine in terms of producing quality content. Content can be published in a variety of ways like blogs, articles, tutorials, videos, podcasts and infographics. It is a huge investment for your website, but if search engines love it, it will be worth the effort. And if visitors love it, they will go one step further and share it on social media. So as your content reaches various audiences it can help expand the demographic. 

Link Building Strategy

Link building is an important SEO strategy. It is also one of the most talked about. The simple goal is to get websites to link to your site. Links are like getting votes to say that your website deserves to be ranked on top. The best kinds of links are organic links, particularly if they are from high authoritative sites. You can also strive to gain new links from similar sites which is referred to as Whitehat. On the other hand, Blackhat are low quality, spammy links which you should avoid at all costs.

Here are some ways to link building.
  1. - Submit a guest post or blog post to popular blogs and websites, and it will link back to your site.
  2. - Reach out to businesses that are similar to your site. See if they will link back to your website.
  3. - Submit your website to related industry directories. Look for directories that offer high quality links. By-pass sites that are shady or have nothing to do with your business.
  4. - Create local search profiles on social media that can attract clicks to generate quality traffic to your site.

Monitor your Results

You must keep track of the progress and monitor your SEO results. Use Google Analytics to understand the visitors coming to your website. Monitor organic search traffic and look at the keywords that people are typing in to find your website.

It is only through proper monitoring of website performance you know what has worked and what hasn’t. It is good to take stock of what has been achieved through your minimalist SEO strategy. 

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