Top 25 Facts of Dubai That Make It Amazing and Wonderful!

As you know that Dubai is one of the best cities in the world and people from around the globe visits Dubai to enjoy their life and know how advance the world of Dubai is.

With transforming from a vast desert into a global city, Dubai is now planning for next big things and you can see the future in Dubai right now at this page with lights, large malls and also the skyscrapers are very iconic to make you know about what Dubai is focusing on.

Top 25 Facts of Dubai That Make It Amazing and Wonderful!

So to discover more of Dubai facts and get more knowledge about Dubai's best places to visit read this list of "Top 25 Facts About Dubai That Make It Amazing!" right below:

25. Luxury of Hotels in Dubai

In Dubai the most iconic city of the world you can find many luxurious hotels.

The best hotels are 7 star hotels and man of them are also 5 star hotels with luxury everywhere, as many models and celebrities even officials visit Dubai on a daily basis, Dubai has many perfectly constructed and designed hotels for them. So look at the paradise of hotels in Dubai:

Luxury of Hotels in Dubai

24. World's Longest Gold Chain

With luxurious hotels in Dubai you will also find a longest ever made golden chain with 22KG pure gold and the chain is 4.2KMs long.

Yes you hear it right and this is why every women loves to visit Dubai - see it right below:

World's Longest Gold Chain

23. Highest Buildings in the World

As you may know that Dubai has epic buildings and some of them even look like the wonder of the world.

With super heights of the tallest buildings in Dubai you can enjoy your vacations and enjoy new year evenings in Dubai which is really pride of Dubai the city of malls:

Highest Buildings in the World

22. Probably the Only Tax Free City

I don't know whether any other city of the world is tax-free city but the fact is Dubai is tax-free.

However, the tax you have to pay for any of the thing you are doing or have it you have to pay 0.00% tax in Dubai. Yes, there is no tax to pay while you are in Dubai and that's another good reason why entrepreneurs and business persons loves Dubai:

Probably the Only Tax Free City

21. Safest City of The World

With zero percent (yes 0%) crime rate Dubai is the safest city of the world and everybody loves this fact of Dubai.

Law and Order in Dubai is very strict which is making it a safest city with no crime and a rate of 0% which makes it the safe city of the world:

Safest City of The World

20. Wasted Space

However this maybe not considered a fact of Dubai but we have to list it here.

As you can see the great Burj Al Arab and it looks like a real wonder of Dubai, however it has 39% space in waste which is uninhabitable and that is not in use of the humans or even for any other thing. Still Dubai is Dubai and it has more to come:

Burj Al Arab Wasted Space Diagram

19. Not Just Hotels - Air Conditioned Bus Stops

Yes, in the list of Facts about Dubai the best part is the city have many working air conditioned bus stops and they are safely installed over sides of the many roads, see one below:

Air Conditioned Bus Stops in Dubai

18. World's Highest Tennis Court

Did you know the hidden fact of Dubai?

That it has the highest tennis court situated at the top of Burj Al Arab and real people do play tennis game there? Well if you want to see that than look below:

World's Highest Tennis Court

17. Everyone can See Burj Khalifa

To make it sure that everybody around 90+ kilometers see what's the biggest structure in Dubai, they have it named Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in Dubai and most favorite building for Dubai visitors.

Take it to your notes that Burj Khalifa can be seen even when you are 90 kilometers away from it:

Everyone can See Burj Khalifa

16. Fastest Cars Population

You will be amazed to know that in 1960s there were just 10 to 13 cars on the roads of Dubai and now they are planning to build double decker roads to make the movements of Cars easy and enjoyable as there are not thousands of cars for single roads:

Fastest Cars Population

15. Bagpipe Band of Dubai Police

No doubts that Dubai Police is the richest Police in the world but yet they have some annoying things like their own bagpipe band which is not in the list of rich things:

Bagpipe Band of Dubai Police

14. Biggest Gold Trade in Dubai

Dubai as known of many big things but the fact is they have also recorded a breakthrough gold trade of 40% of whole world physical gold in 2013 with gold weight of 354 elephants:

Biggest Gold Trade in Dubai

13. Burj Khalifa get Nights too Late

Yes, the tallest building Burj Khalifa is known for its height and the fact is that when you have to break/open your fast in Ramadan you have to wait for more minutes as when Dubai is in the night the highest portions of Burj Khalifa still gets light from the sun:

Burj Khalifa get Nights too Late

12. Largest Foreign Population

Another Fact of Dubai is that it is gathered with 85% of internationals with a big round of Indians and most of them are coming for visiting Dubai as a traveler and working in the city of vacancies and so on. Only 15% of the people you see in Dubai are domestic residents:

Largest Foreign Population

11. Robots for Camel Race

Really? can robots handle a camel in a real race? yes, Dubai can do it. Now you can see robots handling and making the race more easier to win in Dubai:

Robots for Camel Race

10. Beauty of Men in Dubai

You may heard that one journalist from Dubai asked not to visit Saudi Arabia just for his beauty and appealing looks, that's how much men beauty you can see in Dubai:

Beauty of Men in Dubai

9. Gold Used in Burj Al Arab

Again the golden fact of Dubai, did you know that Burj Al Arab is using so much of Gold that if we want to cover Mona Lisa painting we can cover it for 46,265 times in a round:

Gold in Burj Al Arab

8. City of Highest Buildings and Cranes

Not just the highest buildings in Dubai but also you will see high-rise cranes every here and there in whole Dubai as its a constructive and keeps on building more highest structures:

City of Highest Buildings and Cranes

7. Dubai Imported Sand

Really now this is the fact that Dubai has imported sand to create an artificial island called Palm Island that is about so much of sand:

Dubai Imported Sand

6. Tourism or Oil?

Many people thinks that Tourism is the only thing from which Dubai generates its money and some thinks that Dubai do it with Oil trade, however: oil trade is just 6% of Dubai's revenuer and the rest is from real estate and tourism:

Tourism or Oil?

5. Wildlife in Dubai

Its a fact, because a city with highest buildings and latest technology installed nobody can even think of wildlife but there is the awesome wildlife which you can see even have a wildlife ride or tour to see the beauty of wildlife in Dubai:

Wildlife in Dubai

4. Richest Police

As we have mentioned before, Dubai is wonderful city with richest Police having Lamborghini, Bentley and Ferrari as departmental vehicles and this makes the Dubai Police on of the richest departments of the world:

Richest Police

3. Women have to be more Safe

As of different reports, women are being raped and jailed when they try to talk to someone about crimes in Dubai and also some people say that for women Dubai is not safe as there are many red light areas and many women visit it for prostitution.

Many model agencies get beautiful models in Dubai just to get more money with different business tactics. However this is maybe one thing which many humans love about Dubai:

Women have to be more Safe

2. Fastest City

Yes, there is a small yet most amazing fact about Dubai that its the city which have been changing at fastest speed.

As you can see how Dubai transformed from a sand carpet to most advanced city in just some years:

Fastest City

1. Dubai in Future

Its future here. As we see in movies that someones has created a climate controlled city under a biggest umbrella and controlling everything there, now its the future here for Dubai as they have planned to build 50 crore square feet climate controlled indoor city in Dubai and take it to the far next levels:

Dubai in Future


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