15 Romantic Things To Do in Paris, the City of Love

Escape to the most romantic city in the world as you run off with your sweetheart for a romantic Paris France vacation. Don’t let unnecessary bags get in the way of holding hands together. Put them away with bag storage Paris and have an awesome time together. Check our places list, that will definitely help you with your visit to City of Love.

15 Romantic Things To Do in Paris, the City of Love
Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

1. Have a picnic at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

A picnic is always a very romantic plan, but if we add the Eiffel Tower right in front of us, the picnic becomes even more special. Paris is full of boulangeries and fromageries where you can buy a good selection of French cheeses, a baguette and a bottle of rosé. If you are lucky and it's a sunny day, you can spend the afternoon sitting on the lawn of Champ de Mars, next to the Eiffel Tower.

2. Strolling along the banks of the Seine River

On the banks of the Seine River you will find a promenade with benches where you can sit and admire the Notre Dame Cathedral and then walk to L'ile St. Louis. We used to do that many afternoons. If you go early in the morning you will find many people doing sports or walking their dogs, and late in the day, many couples swearing eternal love to each other on any of its benches. This is one of the romantic plans in Paris par excellence.

3. Have a tea in any Café in Saint Germain de Près

This neighborhood, not so well known in Paris, is our favorite. The streets are cared for with great care and businesses pay attention to every detail of its facade. In this neighborhood you will find many curious cafes like the Café de Flore or Café des Deux Magots. These are very famous, but you have others, less known, such as Bread and Roses, which are just as romantic, with flowers everywhere.

4. Renting a boat on the lake of Versailles

I always say that although the Palace of Versailles is spectacular, there is nothing like the gardens. The gardens leave you speechless. If you have the opportunity, I recommend spending a day in Versailles and visit both. In the great central lake you have the option of renting a boat and take a ride. Don't you think it's a romantic plan?

5. Putting a padlock on one of the bridges

Another romantic plan in Paris is to put a padlock with your initials on one of the bridges. Yes, it is very cheesy, but I have to confess that we did it. Formerly it was allowed on any bridge in Paris, now it is much more regulated and you can only do it on some of them, such as the Pont Neuf.

6. Watch the sunrise from Montmartre

The best views of Paris are in Montmartre! As I told you in our post about a walking tour of Montmartre, from there you can see Paris at your feet. Everyone would obviously recommend you to watch the sunset, but for us it was much more romantic to see Paris waking up in front of us. Little by little the sun was waving and chimneys were being lit, windows were opening, even the smell of freshly baked bread was beginning to reach us. However, we also have to say that watching the sunset from there is a marvel. Stepping into this neighborhood is one of the main romantic plans in Paris.

7. Breakfast at Ladurée

It's time to have a good Parisian breakfast, and what better place for it than the Ladurée cafe on the Champs Elysees. In this post we leave you a list with our 10 favorite cafes in Paris, in case you want to try something different. Of course, if Ladurée is famous for being the best pastry shop in the city, it's for a reason: you have to try their macarons and palm trees! Of course, we recommend you to book in advance as it is usually quite full. Booking a hotel room will be easier to do - just visit https://karta.com and approve your booking.

8. Admiring the views from the top of the Eiffel Tower

And clearly one of the most obvious romantic plans in Paris is to climb the magnificent Eiffel Tower. We've been up several times and each time we've seen a proposal of marriage. Climbing this symbol of romanticism par excellence will allow you to enjoy unique views of the city.

9. Getting lost in the gardens of Jardin des Plantes

These gardens, not so well known, are our favorite. Especially in spring these gardens are filled with hundreds of colorful flowers. This will make your walk much more romantic. In addition, there is a beautiful greenhouse with plants and flowers from all over the world. 

10. Enjoy a dinner tasting of cheeses and a good French wine.

Cheese is the protagonist of any typical French meal. Whether in raclette, fondue, inside a crepe or part of a board, how about reserving an evening to indulge yourself and taste the rich French gastronomy, accompanied by a good French wine? For example at Fromagerie Danard near Les Halles or Sacrée Fleur in Montmartre, where you can enjoy a wide variety of meat.

11. Cruise on the Seine

The famous bateaux mouches cruise the Seine River at all hours. Some of them even have restaurants inside, where you can dine while taking the river cruise. You can tour Paris in a different and very romantic way, watching the sunset on a boat. There are tickets of all prices, depending on the duration, what it includes or the time of day. There are from 14 € per person, even less if you take an offer. Undoubtedly one of the romantic plans in Paris par excellence.

12. Attending an opera at Palais Garnier

The king of romantic plans in Paris. It is not available to all budgets, but attending an opera at the grand Paris Opera is something very special. On their website you have the different works that are available and the prices. If you have the opportunity, do not miss a unique night. I felt like Anastasia for a moment walking down those stairs. Another option, if you do not want to enter to see an opera, is to visit it inside during the day, the entrance fee is 10 € per person and is an ideal plan if you catch a rainy day.

13. Visit the Marché aux Fleurs

This market is located very close to the Cathedral of Notre Dame and it is incredible the amount of flowers, bouquets and pots that you can find. It is a very colorful market and as it is not far from one of the main monuments of the city, you can approach a little while to see the diversity of colors of the flowers. Maybe someone will buy a bouquet .... Who knows?

14. Visit the Wall of I love yous

This wall is located in Montmartre, and we put it as a stop on our walking route through the neighborhood. The wall has I love you written on it in many languages, and often there is a man playing romantic songs on his accordion. We loved to walk around the area and enter this park to sit for a while and listen to the accordion while we spent the afternoon. 

15. Let yourself be carried away by the music played by artists in the streets of Paris.

The streets of Paris are full of music! Take advantage of the fact that on every corner there is an artist playing his guitar, accordion or singing, to sit nearby and listen or just jump in and dance as if the rest of the world did not exist. Many times you find old couples dancing in each other's arms to the sound of a saxophone, and there comes a moment when the music grabs you and you don't care about anything. It happened to us on a bridge near Notre Dame, where there was a singer with his guitar playing the song of Mon amant de Saint-Jean and when we realized we were hugging around with many people around who were encouraged to dance too. Is there anything more romantic?

Don't forget that you can add a romantic touch to every plan, even going to buy bread in the morning. In a place like Paris everything has something special and different.

We hope these 15 romantic plans in Paris have inspired you and make your trip to the French capital something beautiful to remember.