100+ Cool Blog Name Ideas for Fashion Niche (2024)

Plus sized fashion blogs are earning very well and bloggers in this niche are becoming more famous as many of them got the celebrity title. If you are thinking to start a plus sized fashion blog and looking for the cool blog name ideas than you research ends here.

As we have list catchy names of blogs with their URLs to ensure you get the real inspiration for your fashion blog name.

100+ Cool Blog Name Ideas for Fashion Niche - Listed Alphabetically

The best thing is you can read this blog names list to get more ideas of naming your new blog even when you are not thinking about starting a blog about fashion.

However the technique is to read these blog names and brainstorm your own name idea, so read below list of best blog names listed alphabetically for your ease and think about the unique blog name which will represent your blog in near future:

100+ Cool Blog Name Ideas for Fashion Niche (2024)

If you are just starting in the world of blogging and fashion is your niche, these blog names can inspire you create a wonderful blog name idea:
  1. A Fashion Diva
  2. A Curious Fancy
  3. A Southern Chic Chick
  4. Afrobella
  5. Aimee L’Amour
  6. Authentically Emmie
  7. Beauticurve
  8. Bella Styles
  9. Bite My Heath Bar
  10. Buttons, Bows & Brogues
  11. Celebration of Curves
  12. Chic and Curvy
  13. ChubbleBubble
  14. Cid Style File
  15. Curvaceous In The City
  16. Curvy Canadian
  17. Curvy CEO
  18. Curvy [Your Name]
  19. Curvy Divas
  20. Curvy Girl Chic
  21. Curvy Goddess Lounge
  22. Curvy Sam
  23. Dani Mezza
  24. Death Fatties
  25. Diary of A Fatshionista
  26. Every Body is Beautiful
  27. Everything Curvy And Chic
  28. Faith Family Fashion
  29. Fashion Haley
  30. Fashion, Love, and Martinis
  31. Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too!
  32. Fat Shopaholic
  33. Feastful Life
  34. Fiend For Beauty
  35. Flaws of Couture
  36. Flight of the Fat girl
  37. Franceta Johnson
  38. From The Rez To The City
  39. Fuller Figure Busts
  40. Gabifresh Blog
  41. Garner Style
  42. Girl With Curves
  43. Gorgeous in Grey
  44. Grown and Curvy Woman
  45. Illustrious Jewelry
  46. Inside Allie’s World (Allie McGvena)
  47. It’s My Taste
  48. Ivory Jinelle
  49. J. Fashion Logs
  50. Killer Kurves
  51. Lady Shears On 5th
  52. Le Blog de Big Beauty
  53. Le Glam Princess of Curves
  54. Lola à La Mode
  55. Love Brown Sugar
  56. Love Hartley
  57. Lovely in LA
  58. Luvin’ My Curves
  59. Masque Mag
  60. Most Beautifullest
  61. My Curves and Curls
  62. My Voluptuous Heart Loves Fashion
  63. Never Had Makeup
  64. Naja Diamond
  65. Natural Fashionista
  66. Nicolette Mason
  67. Nik Star
  68. On the Q Train
  69. Passion Jonesz
  70. Plus Models Unite
  71. Plus She
  72. Pocket Rocket
  73. Polished Plus
  74. PrettyPlusPep
  75. Queen Sized Flava
  76. Ravings By Rae
  77. Return to Sender
  78. Saks In The City
  79. Sample Size 16
  80. Shapely Chic Sheri
  81. Sharlendipity
  82. Show Pony Kidz
  83. Skinny Emmie
  84. Style 4 Curves
  85. Style Chic 360
  86. Style Climber
  87. Style Gone Gugu
  88. Styleitonline
  89. Stylish Curves
  90. Supersize My Fashion
  91. The Belated Bloomer
  92. The Big Girl Blog
  93. The Curvy Blogger
  94. The Curvy Elle
  95. The Curvy Fashionista
  96. The Curvy Model
  97. The CurvyGurl Chronicles
  98. The Curvysta Haven
  99. The Fat and Skinny on Fashion
  100. The Jenesaisquoi
  101. The Manfattan Project
  102. The Southern Fashunista
  103. Thrift In The City
  104. Trendy Curvy

That's not all, read a little guide below to get started today:

How to Name a Fashion Blog (professionally)?

Here's a quick 8-steps guide on how one can name a fashion niche blog like a professional blogger:

1. Reflect Your Style:

Your fashion blog name should be a reflection of your personal style and aesthetic. Consider what sets you apart and how you want to be perceived in the online fashion industry. Is your style edgy, elegant, bohemian, or minimalist? Incorporate those elements into your blog name and as well as your blog post titles and content.

2. Play with Words:

Get creative with wordplay and find catchy combinations of fashion-related terms (that's how almost 90% of fashion blog were named). You can experiment with alliteration, puns, or rhymes to make your blog name more memorable and fun. For example, "Chic in the City" or "Fashion Finesse."

3. Define Your Niche:

Identify your unique niche within the online fashion world. Are you focusing on sustainable fashion, vintage styles, or plus-size fashion? Incorporating your niche into your blog name will attract a specific audience and set you apart from generic fashion blogs.

4. Consider Your Target Audience:

Think about the demographic you want to target on your blog or simply where your audience is located and why? Are you primarily catering to young professionals, fashion-forward moms, or a specific cultural group? Tailoring your blog name to resonate with your target audience can help you build a strong and engaged community.

5. Keep it Short and Simple:

A shorter blog name is easier to remember and type so it is the best option. Aim for a name that is concise, easy to pronounce, and doesn't include unnecessary words or complex phrases. Remember that simplicity can have a powerful impact.

6. Use Your Name:

If you're aiming to establish a personal brand, consider using your own name or a variation of it in your blog name. This creates a strong association between you and your content, and it allows for versatility if you decide to expand your blog beyond fashion in the future.

7. Check Availability:

Before finalizing a blog name, make sure to check if the corresponding domain name and social media handles are available. Consistency across platforms is essential for brand recognition and accessibility. You can use domain registration websites and social media platforms to search for available names.

8. Seek Feedback:

Once you have a few potential blog names, ask for feedback from friends, family, or fellow fashion enthusiasts. Their perspectives can provide valuable insights and help you choose a name that resonates with your target audience.

Remember, choosing a blog name is an important decision, so take your time and explore various options, research and think again. Your blog name sets the tone for your brand and can significantly impact your success in the fashion blogging world so take your time before actually registering a domain name.

As you know that we have publish a list of blog name ideas recently and now this list is the fresh one for inspiration to get more fashion blog name ideas for naming your blog easily and make it stand out.

If you need more than check our creative blog names lists or comment below and we are here to help you.