9 Tips to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos like Big Brands

You know what whiteboard animation videos really are? or have you watched one? well even if you are not aware of whiteboard explainer videos or in other words whiteboard animated video than here is how you can create these videos with your own hands and create like big brands do advertise with these explainer whiteboard animations. Basically whiteboard animation video is what an artist thinks about any topic or how digital drawings can convey a message in a story. The advanced story telling is whiteboard animation videos and they are on success for many big brands. Today many brands are getting these videos created to advertise their brands from Redbull to Google but they do it in a meaningful way like sometimes they show one person explaining something on a digital whiteboard and sometimes they move characters and add text with a virtual hand, so that the story telling becomes fancy.
9 Tips to Create Whiteboard Animation Videos like Big Brands

As every brand wants to get biggest ROI (return on investment) and they are finding new ways to make the advertising game get best players and real income. With whiteboard animation videos we can easily simplify a long and boring message or advertisement copy and make it entertaining. We can easily create great educational whiteboard animation videos and entertainment related whiteboard animation videos with VideoScribe and many other whiteboard video creating software. Many of them are online and some of them are available offline. So to make your whiteboard animation videos really interesting and engaging by reading these top 9 and best whiteboard animation videos and give your business a boost:

1. Research

Before doing anything else to create an outstanding explainer video or whiteboard animation video we should do our research on the particular topic.

For example you've got an order to create a whiteboard animated video for a product and they are looking for a highly engaged ad created in whiteboard animations. What should be done to give them the really amazing video?

Only research can do the wonders, Open Google and type the product category than type whiteboard video and you will see many videos like below:
food sale whiteboard video
As you can see best videos are present in Google search results and from their you can watch them and have inspiration. No doubts that the client who want you to create that video is also doing the same thing to search what others are up to and you have to create a very different and more engaging whiteboard animation video ad so your client will be happy too.

Just watch 5 or 7 videos before creating any video animation and than brainstorm to think differently and find out what people are engaging to. This way you can easily create a whiteboard animated video in some time.

2. Script

Always start creating a white board animated video after having a great script with you, as when you don't know what to add as a text in the video or how you will start and end the video than you are not going to create a great animated video even when you are a professional.

There are so many ways you can create a script or get a script, you can get inspiration from other videos too but this should be unique so I must say that you should hire a freelance content writer or marketing expert to create an outstanding and best ever script for your video. You can also charge extra dollars to your clients for creating a script.

When you will have a script rest of the video is 50% of your work as 50% work has been done with having a full story with script. A script should have dialogues and plain text which should be added to the video and it should be written in 100 to 300 words not more than this. As whiteboard animation videos should be as small as possible we have to create a script of 150 words for best video creation.

3. Be Traditional

Keeping things traditional when creating a whiteboard animated video is what many professional explainer video creators not give a damn too. But what I suggest from my personal experience is you should keep the tradition in whiteboard videos and that tradition is: Keep whiteboard background white only, always use black drawings and don't forget to have an hand drawing things in the video.

I know hovering text and moving images in the whiteboard videos makes sense and engage people with the video and they are also in trends. But there is a black side of this technique that's why I am asking you to keep the whiteboard animation video traditional.
Be Traditional
When we add hovering text or colorful images, the message we want to give to the watchers become blurred and people just enjoy the video and forgets what they video about or what product were advertised. For that purpose to make people know about the product or service or get knowledge we should keep the tradition in whiteboard video creation.

4. Storytelling

In terms of advertising what breaks down the hearts of TV viewers and the internet users is the best storytelling style. With unique ways of storytelling we can easily put our brands and products in front of the targeted and interested buyers. If you want more clients for your whiteboard animation videos or want to create a best ever explainer video for your product than follow simple rule: Always try to speak naturally for voice over in videos.

As when you speak like a human you will easily engage more eyeballs and they will hear you effectively. As they will hear you effectively there are big chances that they will start talking about your brand or product with their friends and that's how big brands got the best branding and advertising strategy which we call Word of Mouth.

5. Educate People

Not just advertise using whiteboard animation videos and not just tell about your services, always try to educate people with your videos and add a wondering answer or informative line which should be like "You know Mars have living things too?" it will makes sense, but we have to choose the best information or lines for every video which we are going to create.

The best and easiest way to educate people with your whiteboard animated video or ad video is to add a great quote and make them remember their souls and think towards the life and goals. I have seen many ads with quotes and I remember all of them.

6. Characters

Not always, but when there is a need don't be bother to add a character and entertain your viewers. If you can than try to create your own character for every whiteboard video you create as its the perfect part of long term advertising campaigns and it also lead to icon characters for some brands. There are many brands which uses characters to represent their brand and get people aware of them. You can take example of Mozilla Firefox. They are using a fox's tail in their icons and now they can easily get a fox talk about them in ad video and stick to their icon in the ending seconds of the video making the logo of Firefox internet browser.

That's cool nah? So why not to give this luxury to your clients or your products? and create amazing whiteboard animation video with characters to introduce the product or represent it. Just make sure you are creating a unique character and not copying other' ideas.

7. Drawing Hand

Do use drawing hand in your whiteboard videos as its the main part of it and people loves to see an hand in their devices, and when the hand draws something very accurately and keeps on drawing people drive crazy and say "wow, how the heck this hand can draw even smoothly?" I know this fact because I were in that group of people when I was not aware of VideoScribe software.

Hovering, one thing is that don't use the same hand in every video you create, try to have your own hand in the video or always check for new hands in your video creation software and you can also download hand pictures from different photo stores like Pixabay and others.

8. Add Colors

Apart from being traditional and making your video in white and black, if you want to tell people a different story and want to give a quick fix for something or creating a whiteboard explainer video and not ad-video than adding some colors will make your video of the box.
Add Colors
Just add some colors, don't color up your whole video. Try to add colors like Red, Green and Yellow as these colors standout from the video. However, whiteboard videos without colors tend to get more engagement than with colors.

9. Be Emotional

I have seen many whiteboard video ads and explainer videos where voice over artists are really boring or too funny. What people love about voice over artist to give the video 5 stars is "an voice over artist should be clear on his message and keeps on trying different rhythms like plain voice, funny junk and than become emotional and than again wise" that's the best formula for being a best voice over artist.

For an easy understanding go watch your TV and hear some ads, checkout how that voice over artists are explaining things in advertisements and to whom you got engaged with? this will make you know what should be in your voice to be a good voice over artist.

That's all for now, if you need more guide and tips on how to create whiteboard animated videos like big brands do than comment below and I will do more for you.