Essay Writing - How To Write An Essay in 7 Easy Steps

Essay Writing - How To Write An Essay in 7 Easy Steps
Essay writing has been a big industry and students are searching for essay writing services online on a daily basis routine-wise to help themselves and they are not trying to unlock their creative writing potential so that I am here to guide you.

However, still, all of those students are asking questions like how to write an essay in English, how to write better essays and like that.

Even after reading some examples and samples of essays on their selected topics they need an assistant and to make them easily write an essay and forget about the need for essay writing services, I am going to show you these simple yet powerful steps to take and easily write your essay.

Before that I want you to make sure that there are two common types of essay writing and they are persuasive essay and argumentative essay so if you know them then we should proceed to the essay writing tips right below and if you are not aware of them then don't worry you will still able to write your essay by reading my simple and effective steps and following them accordingly.

Step 1. Essay Topic

For many students in college or university there is no worry to find a topic for an essay with the help of their friends and also their teachers, and most times teachers recommend an essay topic and also give them an example.

However, still, there are some students who are yet to discover how they can easily find a perfect topic for their essays.

So if you got an assignment of writing an essay and finding the topic on your own then you can get help from my side. First of all, there are two ways you can narrow down your research for an essay topic and they are:
  • Informative Essay Topics
  • Persuasive Essay Topics
To know these two types of essay writings for finding a perfect essay topic read their examples:

Informative Essay Topic Examples:
  • Informative Essay on Global Warming
  • Informative Essay on Domestic Violence
  • Informative Essay on Computer Viruses
  • Informative Essay on the Great Depression
  • Informative Essay on Teenage Pregnancy
  • Informative Essay on Shakespeare
  • Informative Essay on Racism
  • Informative Essay on Procrastination
Persuasive Essay Topic Examples:
  • Sex orientation is determined in childhood essay
  • The capital punishment is a crime essay
  • The humans are the main causes of a climate change essay
  • Euthanasia should be allowed essay
  • Adults must be allowed to carry electroshock weapon essay
  • The U.S. Supreme Court should ban the same-sex marriages essay
These are just some examples of how you can simply select your topic or find it. You can just pick the one you can easily write on and have sufficient information.

Just ask your teacher to make sure what type of essay he/she wants you to write by asking a question like "sir/mam which type of essay would be in your likes for tomorrow? persuasive or informative?" and you will have your choice.

Step 2. Essay Preparation

Preparing for writing an essay with a solid topic is crucial and we have to take it seriously. Like picking or searching a perfect essay topic is the base step, this step is to prepare for writing on the selected topic.

Whatever your topic is, you have to gain some knowledge and write it down on a paper or you can sketch a diagram to easily understand what are some thoughts you can include in the paper.

So the very first thing is to know how you can create a diagram out of your ideas and information needed to easily write an essay. See below an example of essay diagram for preparing it easily (create by Umer Idrisi):
I have created this diagram for easy essay preparation in just 2 minutes and hope you will find it useful. Just make sure that you are adding information according to the mentioned parts.

Like start from the topic and put it into a box then draw links according to the above diagram, write ideas and then your thoughts on those ideas.

This is the most common and still hidden way to write down any type of essay on any topic. So with this little essay diagram, you will be able to prepare to write your essay easily.

Step 3. Thesis Statement

As you are writing a paper that may give an impact on your knowledge and boost your energy as a bright student, I suggest you write your thesis statement before actually writing the whole essay.

Why? because I know that there are some teachers who suggest writing a thesis statement after writing the whole essay but writing it before the essay is one of the most exciting parts of writing an effective essay. Because it gives you a quick note about what you are going to write and on which topic you should focus on an entire essay.

To make sure you know how you can write a thesis statement I have this thesis statement definition to share with you:
  • A thesis statement should be written in two lines about your topic and what you have as your main thoughts against the topic.
An example of a thesis statement is (for George Bush has Changed America Essay): George Bush was the greatest but awesome President of the United States and his two terms as a president have changed America.

With this short and to the point thesis statement, you will be able to tell your essay readers that what you are going to talk about and what is the main topic of your essay. Plus it will also help you write a topic-focused essay. So write down a thesis statement before writing your whole research paper or essay for any topic.

Step 4. Essay Introduction

The most crucial thing at the start of writing an essay is how you start it and that's where your essay introduction begins. This is the first part and you should make it attention-grabbing.

Why? because when you have an attention-grabbing essay introduction lines or a paragraph you'll be able to make your essay reader happy with your writings and make him/her read it with a smile which is the only thing you need for getting the highest marks in annual exams.

So to write an essay introduction as it should be, you should add introduction ingredients like:
  • An unveiled paragraph towards your thesis statement
  • Dialogues and quotes
  • Telling an interesting and small story
  • Adding shocking information about the topic
This is our 4th step towards essay writing guide and I have shared my 4 ways to create an outstanding essay introduction that can easily grab attention of the reader.

So pick any one of the above methods and write an essay introduction having a topic in mind.

Step 5. Essay Body

Now here's where you have to play well and describe everything which you have gathered as ideas and understand as thoughts on those ideas.

You can easily create subheadings and headings and categorize the body of an essay with ideas in your diagram and then talk on those ideas with the help of your thoughts but make sure you are adding value to your paragraphs by explaining everything with accurate information.

I recommend you to read how to write a research essay and understand the basics then you have to describe all of your knowledge on the topic and briefly give the information on your essay topic. With points and paragraphs in spaces to headings (you can avoid headings), you can use some bullet points and increase the value of information.

However, an essay should be clean and simple but rich in information so that is why I recommend you to describe your ideas on the topic and related every idea to the previous one and make that flow till the end.

Step 6. Essay Conclusion

This is the end of your essay and you have to summarize everything you have said in the body of the essay.

In conclusion, you have to tell your readers why your ideas are powerful and why your words worth an action. You have to answer your own questions and even re-answer your own answers and force the reader to believe in your thoughts of ideas from the essay topic.

Why? because a thesis paper or an essay is the way to provide rich information and get the reader to think that this is the real research and official words so he shouldn't go against them.

I am not saying that you should write like a government official paper, but it should look like the official document and summarize everything clearly in the four of five conclusion sentences.

Step 7. Final Touches

At step 6, almost every student thoughts that he is done with the essay.

But the main thing is still left and that is called final touches. To give some final touches to your essay and complete it, I recommend you to check your essay for grammar and spelling mistakes for twice and read the entire essay three times.

Now you may notice some paragraphs which need more information to be added. Also, consider re-arranging your solid and powerful words and sentences from the body at the start of body text and at the end of it. This will make your essay reading flow smooth and you will have a great to read essay ready with your own hands.

You can also ask your teacher to give you some instructions on the format of the essay.

As when you have to write an essay for scholarship form or for admission there must be some instructions on the format. So follow them and have your essay written easily by your own hands.

So these are my essay writing tips and I hope you enjoyed it.