10 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Being a blogger I discovered that emotional intelligence (EQ - EI) makes sense in online and also the offline world. When its about being a successful person in any work field the most important thing to consider adopting is emotional intelligence and a high emotional intelligence is a plus point for some of the individuals.
10 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

If you are one of those who are not yet aware of emotional intelligence and curious to know more about it then here's a list of top 10 signs of high emotional intelligence which you can read and understand how EQ impacts our lives and create changes to our mindset:

1. Apologizing

Here's the fact of EGO and it really makes sense when people around you are saying that you are right and you don't need to say sorry or feel that way. But its totally wrong, when you want to keep your relationships and also you value your relationships more than the facts then a high emotional intelligence is what helps you to say sorry.

If often times you fought with others and you know that they were wrong but still after some time you say sorry just to save your relationship and avoid ego then this is a sign of emotional intelligence in you. Which is so much perfect thing in the world and it can increase the love percentage in your life.

2. Forgiving

The simple and attached to apologizing thing is forgiving. All you have to do is just forgive people who hurts you and then don't have anything in your heart or mind. Just forgive and then forget that moments.

This way you can create a easy life for you and become more happier. As nobody in this world is perfect, you can't have any person in your life not make mistakes. The best thing is to forgive and then forget, if you are doing it so often or sometimes then there's a chance that you have a high emotional intelligence scale.

3. Authenticity

Being authentic is another great thing to live your life on your own set rules and make others get inspiration from you and respect your thoughts. Its not just about the loyalty in your words and talks you do to your friends, business partners, family members or other but this is about what you say, you should keep that promise and follow that rule.

For an example: If you say that you love dogs, then don't forget it the other day. Keep your authenticity and show your love for dogs. If you are on this feeling then you have got a high emotional intelligence and its good.

4. Sympathy

Sympathy is the very interesting and most needful thing in the world. Everybody from humans to animals and even technology is in need of sympathy from your side. You are also in need of sympathy of others and this is the only thing which every person on the earth needs. However, many of us don't agree on this but its true, we need it.

If you are sympathetic person and got feelings for others and do your best in help for them then the chances are you are in a high emotional intelligence scale and its a good thing. Moreover, this maybe a bad thing when you don't use your mind before helping any person. So always think before helping anyone and have your mind with you.

5.  Criticism

Many of the times, like on Facebook post or a reply to your Tweet you may receive some bad comments and also if you are working online then there is a chance that you have received many negative feedback submission. If you are handling them with love and using your mind to solve that mysteries then you are the person who really use his mind.

In my views and personal experience, when we raise our voice on criticism we cut down our own wings and make ourselves don't fly anymore. All I want you to remember is criticism is a good way to learn new things about your own self and improve your abilities. So if you use criticism to improve yourself then you got a high emotional intelligence.

6. Helping

In this world, the word help is the most prestigious thing and all of the people who are doing something great or in process of creating something are in need of this. If you help your friends then its what you are doing for all of us not just for your friends.

When you give a hand to your friends and help them succeed in their goals and achieve their success then the emotional intelligence in you is at high point. This is also great thing. Just help others and keep yourself happy.

7. Awareness

This is the core thing about emotional intelligence and we all should test it. But the the questions is how we can test our own awareness about emotional intelligence or any other thing which can tell us about our rate of emotional intelligence? and here's the answer: You just have to ask yourself a few questions like:
  • What others feel about me?
  • Where I am week?
  • How I can improve my abilities?
  • Is there anything I am great at?
  • Is there a need for me to change my thoughts?
There are hundreds of questions you can ask yourself to know more about you. Just write some of questions related to above ones and try answering them. After writing answers, read them and know your weaknesses and powers. This is how you can get awareness about you and create a higher emotional intelligence in your mind so that you can be the next great person.

8. Secrets

There are people like you and me and others in the whole world who are much different from all the others. In simple words, everybody is not the same-body and everybody got a unique mindset. If you need to lock a secret in your mind and don't tell it to any person for your entire life and eve afterlife then what you will do?

Sincerely there's nothing to do for this. You just have to keep that secret a secret for your entire life and that's all. But if you can't keep a promise for keeping the secret hidden then you are at a low emotional intelligence which is not good for you and others.

9. Thinking

This is the most useful asset of humans and all of us got it. But not all of us use it to take decisions and even many of us fall in emotions rather than thinking. There's a way out for every problem and there's a way to celebrate every happy moment or success.

If you think before taking and step in your life or doing any thing which is not common for daily routine life then you are the best person and have a high emotional intelligence.

10. Control

What you think, what you do, what you see and what you feel is everything you control or not control. You can control everything in your life or let it go they way others choose for you.

If you are controlling your thoughts and all of the matters then you are at high emotional intelligence rate. Like when you hear some slang words about yourself and keep control on your mind and take decision for good step then you are a good person. But when somebody is barking at you and you are barking at that person, where's the control?

I think its enough for now and if you think that I should talk more about emotional intelligence and guide you then comment below and share this article with others. Thanks for the read.