7 Best Referral Programs that Pay Real Money

With so many affiliate and refer a friend programs, finding a perfect and best referral program is one of the hardest things to do online. Since every product manager and brand is looking to grow the sales and trying everything for growing it.

They are launching referral programs and saying that their referral program is best and everybody else is looking to know how to make money fast using the internet and they are testing new platforms on daily basis and leaving their reviews.

However, still, there's a big no and yes list for those calling their program the best referral program. Since I am blogging, I am looking to earn more and more money so I share my expertise and experiences on this blog to make sure my readers are getting benefited from my tests and studies. Here's on this blog posts I would like to show you some of the best referral programs which I've used and other professional bloggers and content marketers are recommending for making extra money with your blog.

Best Referral Programs - Paying Real Money via PayPal

Don't think that these best referral programs will make you rich by giving thousands of dollars without any hard work. You have to prepare yourself and your blog and its content to make it comply with the programs and suggest people buy things which they are providing as a product. As you have to get people/reader at your blog purchase something of your recommendations and for that purchase, you are going to get commissioned.

So lets read the great list of best referral programs paying real cash via PayPal, Payoneer and Check or other payment processing services. Let's check this list refer and earn sites:

1. Ezoic - Lifetime Commissions

If you are looking to stop blogging and sit back and make money while you sleep with referring your friends and other professional or newbie bloggers or searching for a network to get paid per referral sign up then you are going to love this network.

Ezoic is a Google Adsense Partner CPM ad network and providing you with many abilities to enhance your monetization strategies and make more money with the same blog traffic. They are giving you a fancy 3% commission on your referred users of Ezoic and it's the recurring commission so that you will be getting 3% of what your referred users are getting at Ezoic.

It means you just have to refer at least 20 users who are passionate about their career and love blogging and also have blogs getting good traffic and earning at least $20 per day. You can ask them to use Ezoic to increase their revenue and by this, you will be able to get real free money from their efforts.

They are free based team and welcomes you to try them for free. You can create a referral account on Ezoic website for free and start referring your friends or fellow bloggers. After hitting the payout minimum amount of $20 you can get your money into your PayPal account or get paid via ACH and Wire transfer which is an international option for users who can't get paid via PayPal or Payoneer.

2. Payoneer - Pay Per Signup

Here's our 2nd champ in the list of best referral programs to make money online for free and without investing from your pocket. Its a debit card service and provides you with a free debit card when you decide to use their services for sending and receiving your online payments. You can signup for free and apply for a card, they will deliver it your mailing address and then you can attach that card to your PayPal or simply use it as an ATM card.

With their services in more than 210 countries, they are becoming the leading debit card service in the world and providing their users the facility to easily transfer funds to any other area of the world. With this, they have a referral program which is available to everyone and it's also free.

If you can refer people to Payoneer then you can make $25 per referral. Yes, that's true, best referral program by Payoneer is giving you a flat $25 per referral you send to them and your referred person will also receive a gift of $25 when he/she spends $10K in cumulative transactions for receiving or sending money. They will transfer the money to your own Payoneer account so that you can get paid in cash by using your Payoneer card at ATM or simply transfer the money to your PayPal account and purchase any digital item.

3. VigLink - 35% Commission Rate

If you are in eCommerce industry and managing a blog about Amazon affiliate network and promoting affiliated products then you better know the pain of adding affiliated links to every article and when something bad happened or you have to remove some died links the pain is more then the work pressure. Here's when you need a guy who can help you do that and VigLink is the best way to make every link at your pages an affiliate link.

Not just that, they are helping you in another by giving you the access to their free and best referral program paying you 35% commission on every sale your referred person will make via VigLink enabled pages. Yes, you can refer people to this service and whenever they made sales, you can get a 35% commission on that sales and be happy.

The bad thing is you will be able to get commissions for just first year per referred persona and the good thing is you can get paid via PayPal or ACH when reached the minimum payout amount $10. This is cool. You can get paid quickly.

4. Ebates - $5 Per Referral

If you love to purchase things online and also wants to save some money not from discounts but in form of cash back then you should use Ebates as its the good platform to get cashback on your purchases. This is the same thing you can tell your friends and ask them to join this network for getting cash back on their daily purchases.

After you refer and your friend accepts your invitation you get $5 per referral and also you will get a $20 bonus in your referral account. With this, your friend will also get $10 as a signup bonus and they are paying you via Cheque and PayPal too.

The only bad thing is they are not available in every country but the cool thing is you can easily get paid $5 per referral. You can check whether they are open at your area or coming soon.

5. Revenue Hits - CPA Referral Program

As you know that Revenue Hits is a great and top CPA ad network and publishers platform. Its considerable when you are looking to earn more money selling your ad-spot on your blog. But when it comes to best referral programs that pay real money Revenue Hits comes at #5.

They are paying you 5% of your referred user's earnings and if your referred person is making more than $1,500 then you can earn 10% of that earnings. Which is huge when you are doing nothing and earning for a whole year on other's efforts.

The minimum payout is $20 and you can get paid via Payoneer.

6. GetAmbassador - $500 Per Referral

Looking to earn more then $5 per referral and $20 per referral? and get rid of online payment methods? if you are bored of getting low commissions and low per referral earnings then this network is for you. Get Ambassador is a great platform for entrepreneurs to help their business grow with a great relationship marketing software and its one of those top high paying affiliate programs which people are using to earn thousands of dollars.

You can refer this great platform to your friends and fellow marketers, and guess how much you will earn per referral? with this best referral program, you can earn up to $100 per referral.

Still, want more? then read about their offer when someone signs an annual plan with Get Ambassador you will get $500 again. It means you can earn more than $500 per referral.

The payment method with this network is very comfortable and amazing. They will send you a visa card which you can use at any ATM to cash out your earnings.

7. MR. Rebates - Bonus with Recurring Commissions

Here's another cashback website for people to buy things online and get real cash back offers. They are also offering a program to make you earn some money on the go and keep on earning for purchases of others.

After creating your free account at Mr. Rebates you can get their referral link and then send it to your friends. After they signup, you will get $5 each referral and not just this. You will get recurring commissions on your referral's purchases at 20% of their cash back offers.

They will pay you via PayPal or send your earnings in Cheque so that you can cash it out. You will also get $5 as a signup bonus, but for this, you have to purchase something and the minimum payout is $10.

So, this is a list of 7 Best Referral Programs that Pay Real Money via PayPal, Payoneer, Cheque or Visa Card. If you want more on this topic then comment below and share this article with your friends.