Why You Shouldn't Take Blogging As A No-Brainer Job

You may know what No-Brainer actually means, if not then it's like "something that requires or involves little or no mental effort" and in Blogging there is nothing like a no-brainer.

I know my old days and I was also like many beginner bloggers who think that blogging is just like a game which they will play and do some cheating with cheat-codes or something like that and start earning money online and they are not even sure about what to do after publishing a blog post. But now I can understand and thus guiding you to don't even think that blogging is a no-brainer way to make money online.
Why You Shouldn't Take Blogging As A No-Brainer Job

To explain the topic in a more understandable way, I would like to answer some of the basic blogging questions like:
  • Why you should start a blog?
  • How do I start a blog and make money?
  • What is blogging for money?
  • How do you start a blog?
So starting from the first:

Why you should start a blog?

With so much being said and has been said on the topic of blogging and why one should blog, I would like to say my words. For an example just imagine that you are managing a company in the eCommerce industry and your brand is a big T-shirt range. Why you should start a blog then?
  • You should blog for creating more opportunities for converting readers into customers
  • You can educate people about different wearing related things and ask them to buy your product
  • You can engage them with your informative researches and let them comment about your thoughts
  • Tell your story and make people aware of your product
There are many other things which you can do with a blog of your eCommerce store and there are hundreds of big eCommerce platforms and stores which are making use of blogging to increase their sales.

How do I start a blog and make money?

Unlike other benefits, people from every area of the world people are searching about how they can start a blog and then make money out of blogging. Well there are some really easy ways to start a blog and make money online:
  • To create a free blog you can go to Blogger.com and create your first free sub-domain blog with the help of Google's account which you can create by creating an account for Gmail
  • After that you can use Google's publisher advertising network called Google Adsense to show ads and make money blogging
This is just a quick walk through to steps you need to follow for creating a blog and then making money.

In real it takes time and you have to many little tasks for which you can get guides on this blog. Just use our search feature and get free guides on blogging related topics.

What is blogging for money?

This is a question every newbie blogger asks to the professionals and many professional bloggers have already answered this.

However, being a professional blogger and a certified digital marketer I would love to answer this basic blogging question and my answer is:
  • Nobody blogs for spreading information, we (bloggers) want money and explore how we can really earn money online so that we share our researches and expertise and for this we show ads and make money out of our blogs.
However, there are some bloggers claiming that they are not showing ads and thus they are not making money from their blogs, but they are using other tactics like sponsored content and paid reviews and more to earn money with their blogs. Nobody is brave enough to work hard on day and night and provide you information which is worth a read and that person is not earning a single penny. How he will manage to do all that stuff?

How do you start a blog?

As I have said for a free blog you can join Google Blogger, but if you want a self-hosted blog which is totally yours and you can do everything with that blog then WordPress CMS is here. For that you need a hosting plan and a domain.

So read my how to start a blog guide and start your first self-hosted WordPress blog in just 20 minutes and get a free domain name.

Now we come to the point that why you shouldn't take blogging as a no-brainer job and here's my answer to it:

Blogging is not for Everyone

Yes, you heard it right from your brain and the heart. Blogging is not for everyone and nobody is everybody.

If you can't understand what I am saying then read further.
  • If you can write on daily basis and on every new topic then blogging is for you
  • If you can manage your time and interact with your readers then blogging is for you
  • If you are brave enough to face failures and be patient then blogging is for you
Bloggers have to face real failures like blog post not getting read, ranked, not getting indexed by Google or written like their readers want. There are many factors like you may not get approval for your Google adsense account or many other bad things can happen to you like hosting company deletes your blog and more.

For all that failures, you have to be ready and have in mind that there's nothing permanent so your blog.

Some beginners thinks that when they are publishing some low quality content and getting some traffic like 50 to 100 visitors a day, they will soon become billionaire.
  • To be honest, this is not going to happen.
You have to work harder and smarter too.

Blogging is not that easier as you are thinking right now, it takes time, it takes courage, it takes patient and it takes everything which you don't want to lose from your comfort zone.

If you are still not sure about why blogging is not a no-brainer job then comment below and I will answer your questions. Thanks for the read.