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Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers In 2020

by on Sep 22, 2018
We exclusively want to publish first 100% accurate list of Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers in 2020. Hope you enjoy this list and get your inspiration for a bright future in blogging arena of Pakistan.

After involving in blogging workshop I was curious to know who is on the top list of bloggers and I have done many queries, like social media polls and read other articles on top 10 list of Pakistani professional bloggers. Then after a long period of time, I got success in making a people's choice list of Pakistani inspirational and top bloggers.
Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers In 2020
After all that work I want to do something separate, so I have attempted to create this list with the hope that you like it and share with your friends as its 100% accurate and people's choice list. I created this list on the basis of public reviews about Pakistani bloggers, therefore this is a unique and valid list. I really spend my one hole week on making this list, so hope you give me good response.

Top 10 Bloggers Of Pakistan

We are very happy to publish this list on Pakistani bloggers. Hope you like our graphic work. You can easily read below list of Pakistani top 10 professional and inspirational bloggers.
Note: The income which we have included in the list is an approximate estimation of their incomes that maybe higher or lower then exact digits.
We took one week on making this list 100% valid. You will get all details about Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers from this list including Alexa rankings, Niche and Earnings on monthly basis.

1. Syed Balkhi of

  • Alexa: 3K
  • Blog niche: WordPress
  • Earning: $10K
Info: If you are looking to create an outstanding WordPress blog then WPbeginner is a go to blog for your needs and Syed is earning money with affiliate marketing and his products.

2. Taimur Asad of

  • Alex: 18K
  • Blog niche: Technology
  • Earning: $7K
Info: On RedMondPie you can get all the technology related updates and guides for free and they are updating the blog on daily basis. Taimur is earning money using Google adsense and advertising.

3. Mohammad Mustafa Ahemdzai of

  • Alexa: 112K
  • Blog niche: Blogging
  • Earning: $6K
Info: You can latest updates and Google Blogger tricks to spice up your blogspot blogs and Mohammad is earning money with ad-sales and Google adsense.

4. Mohammad Umer Idrisi of

  • Alexa: 400K
  • Blog niche: Digital Marketing, Make Money, Blogging
  • Earning: $4K (from his one blog, other earning sources are not included)
Info: Umer is the owner of this blog you are reading this article on and working on other projects too. He earns money using sponsored content, ad-sales and Google Adsense and also by Freelancing.

5. Aamir Atta of

  • Alexa: 10K
  • Blog niche: Telecom, Technology and Business
  • Earning: $2K
Info: Its a well known blog focusing on Pakistani tech happenings and updating people with latest updates and Aamir is earning money with this blog by showing Google adsense ads and selling ad-spaces.

6. Ali Qayyum of

  • Alex: 357K
  • Blog niche: Technology, Web designing
  • Earning: $1K
Info: Ali is updating the content of the blog on a regular basis and earning with subscription and advertising.

7. Bilal Ahmed of

  • Alexa: 210K
  • Blog niche: Blogging, Social Media and Technology
  • Earning: $500+
Info: Its a blog about blogging tips and other relative topic and Bilal is earning money with Google Adsense.

8. Syed Faizan Ali of

  • Alexa: 252K
  • Blog niche: Blogging Tips
  • Earning: $300+
Info: MyBloggerLab is about Google Blogger tips and updating its readers with latest blogging tips and also Syed is providing a platform for Blogger users to download high quality templates and earning money with ad-sales.
  • 9th and 10th will be added soon.
You are free to share this list on your blogs (note just list not the content) and Give us proper credit with a do-follow link for our hard work on arranging this list of Pakistani Top 10 Bloggers in 2021.

Note again: This list is created on the voting basis of public and other newbie bloggers with proper research.
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