Top 10 Best Tech News Sites and Blogs 2024

Top 10 Best Tech Sites and Blogs - (2024 updated)

Tech news sites and blogs are everywhere and every next blogger is creating a blog on technology reviews and news. Bloggers are making money out of reviewing products even when they are not really buying those products.

However, today's topic is about the top and best tech sites to get daily news updates about the latest happenings in the tech industry.

So without any further text, we would love to take you to the exact list of best tech news sites and blogs of the world ranked by their popularity and update frequency for 2024:

1. TheNextWeb

  • CEO: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten (Jun 2006–)
  • Founded: 2006
  • Founders: Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Patrick de Laive
The Next Web Logo

It is different from other tech news websites and providing you latest updates about happenings in the technology world. With over 10 million page views per month, it's making sure that you get every little bit of technical world and provide the best updates on next-generation gadgets, new launches, inventions and games as well as software and other updates in the industry.

They are also covering lifestyle products and always talk about viral news topics and real-time hot topics over the internet. They also publish reports so that you can get the latest information about technology.

2. TechCrunch

  • Editor: Matthew Panzarino
  • Revenue: 2.4 million USD (2007 est.)
  • Headquarters: Bay Area, United States
  • Date launched: June 10, 2005
  • Available in: English, Chinese, French and Japanese
  • Created by: Michael Arrington, Keith Teare
TechCrunch Logo

This website called TechCrunch is really a crunchy website to tech geeks and providing all the latest updates about Startups, Apps, Gadgets, Events and also uploading Videos about the latest information all related to the tech. If you are tech-savvy and want the latest information about new technology and new gadgets every day then Techcrunch is your go-to website.

You can get real-time updates about big technology giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook and more. Their website is also the fastest tech news site and loads in just a few seconds, so when you are curious about a trendy topic and want to read more and more then this website will help you navigate through the topics faster.

3. TheVerge

  • Date launched: November 1, 2011
  • Available in: English Language
  • Type of site: Technology journalism
  • Owner: Vox Media
TheVerge Logo
With some reports about how technology is affecting our society in a better direction, theverge is providing you updates on the latest and breaking technology news topics. They are frequently covering the latest tech news about Gadget and Phone reviews, Google and Science findings.
Their updates about culture and cars are amazing and thousands of people are attached to them in hopes of getting the latest technology-related information. With podcasts and long-form featured stories, they are giving another direction to best tech news sites. So check it out and stay updated all the time (they recently redesigned the entire website).


  • Editor: Lindsey Turrentine; Connie Guglielmo
  • Date launched: March 5, 1994
  • Owner: CBS Interactive
Cnet Logo

At CNET website you can get the latest tech news updates and frequent product reviews are being published. You can get how-to guides and read through the latest happenings in the technology world. They are basically writing just about everything related to tech and they have a focus on cars too with giants like Microsoft, Google, and Apple.

Their videos section is also a plus point for their website and its providing to you a vast range of videos focusing on tech trends only. You can also get deals from the website as they are publishing about hot deals too. They also publish articles about the best products and their download section is great for downloading free software.

5. Wired

  • Editor: Nicholas Thompson
  • Frequency: Monthly Magazine and daily updates on website
  • Company: Condé Nast
  • First issue date: January 2, 1993
  • Total circulation (January 2017): 870,101
Wired Logo
They are always talking about the business, culture, and science-related topics. If you are a geek and want to get the latest information and tech news updates about trends and new in security devices, entertainment and gadgets all-together then this website called Wired is made for you.

They are publishing reviews, giving ideas, adding videos and also their monthly magazine is something you should give some time to. As other websites are covering tech trends and writing about the latest tech news and viral topics, they are also covering the same thing but in a fascinating way.

6. Mashable

  • Founder: Pete Cashmore
  • Founded: July 2005
  • Headquarters: New York City, New York, United States
  • CEO: Pete Cashmore (Jul 2005–)
Mashable Logo

This is probably the most shared over social media tech website and loved by all of the bloggers and tech savvys of the world. Every little bit of social media trends and the latest in technology is being posted on the website and they are best at providing guidance to even very small things. They also publish the top 10 articles (listicles) and create videos.

If you love to read about entertainment and technology together with a focus on trending topics then this is the best website you will ever visit. Read through some articles and you will get to know that they are really fast at publishing about tech, software, and companies that are making something cool. Their product reviews are also famous among readers.

7. Gizmodo

  • Editor: Kelly Bourdet
  • Date launched: July 1, 2002
  • Owner: Gawker Media
  • Types of site: Design, Technology, Science, Science Fiction, Blog
  • Available in: English Language, French language and more
Gizmodo Logo

Its about Apple, Comics and Politics. But in the end, its about technology. They are specialists in writing about gadgets and trendy topics. If you are looking for gadget guides then you can find them on this website. They are publishing every little bit of iOS and other Apple products with gadgets like Cameras and Smartphones.

In addition to articles and updates, they are also conducting reviews and providing more insights about different products. You can read software information and the latest product updates frequently posted on the website. They say that they are from the future and we say that they are living in real-time and providing details about what people are looking for.

8. TechRadar

  • Owner: Future plc
  • Date launched: 2008
TechRadar Logo

They call themself the source for the tech buying advice and we call them the go-to website for getting the latest tech news updates and get quality product reviews at one platform. They are making it easier for tech geeks to be in the know and always have information about the latest launches and read the reviews of the best devices and software in the market.

We were browsing the website to know what they actually talk mostly about and got to know that they are really fast and powerful in writing about the latest smartphone launches and they are spreading the word about latest technology news. They also cover deals and provide you with the best deals. For example, you can search for the best deals of Black Friday and they will tell you about them. With the operating system's news updates and gadget reviews, the website is one kind of best tech news sites.

9. DigitalTrends

  • Owner: Designtechnica
  • Editor: Jeremy Kaplan
  • Founder: Ian Bell
  • Founded: 2006
  • Created by: Ian Bell, Dan Gaul
  • Subsidiary: Embassy Multimedia Consultants, Inc.
DigitalTrends Logo
As they said: They are publishing articles about Technology News, Product Reviews, Deals & How-To's for making their readers stick to the website as every other tech news site is creating same content and providing their reader's updates about latest in technology and creating product review pages with a comparison of top 10 products.

However, this website is best at informing you with the latest products and innovations happening in the tech world. You can get updates about lifestyle products, gaming devices, breaking news about smartphones and more.

10. Engadget

  • Editor: Dana Wollman
  • Date launched: March 2004
  • Type of site: Blog
  • Owner: AOL
  • Available in: English Language, Spanish Language and German language
Engadget Logo

Without any slogan and independent editorial staff, Engadget is the best website for tech gadget related updates and reading articles about Gear, Gaming, Entertainment, Tomorrow (future tech), The Buyer's Guides, Videos, Product Reviews, and the best part is they have different editions for different areas with almost 10 blogs which they are operating under Engadget name.

If you love to know more about new gadgets and always look for new inventions then go ahead and follow this website, it will make you know about every new product in the market and plus this, it will keep you updated with tech news from over the world.

So, if you are in the list of your fellow tech enthusiasts and love to read about some emerging technologies or digital trends. Any of the above technology website can help you cover the latest technology trends and get updated with the latest tech news.


This is the list of top and the best tech news sites and tech blogs of the world and updated for 2024 year. If you think that we should add more sites then comment below and share this your love by sharing this article on your social media profiles or link to us in your blog posts.

Thanks for the read!