Top 9 Weird & Useless Websites to Waste Your Time

Take me to useless websites, is the first sentence you type in a search engine to find some time wasting websites whenever you are getting bored, and since there are hundreds of useless websites on the internet and some of them are really weird websites that are the best for wasting your time. On average people search for them once a week as we all get to be afraid of routine work and don't want to spend time on social media networks scrolling through the feeds.

Thus in that situation, a weird website can help you to kill time and here we have a list of some really useless websites that are good to spend time laughing and getting entertained.

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I was busy with my online work and after some time I had a headache, I decided to check out some pointless websites are funny websites and for that purpose, I searched the phrase "take me to a weird website please" in Google and that's when I found most useless sites on the internet.

Now I don't have to search for "take me to another weird website" as I now have my own list of the top 9 weird websites.

So go ahead and scroll down to check my own list of the most creepy sites which you can visit now and waste your time.

1. The Useless Web

It is the perfect and most weird website search engine which takes you to so many random weird websites whenever you click on its PLEASE button.

To me it's the perfect way to find pointless websites and spend your time discovering what people even don't know about and that websites have nothing to do with any type of work.

2. Falling Falling

Haha, this is something that you can't really spend more than 2 minutes. As this is about falling and a display of papers which are falling down and down with a soundtrack with falling sounds.

Its ridiculous to some people, but really its a weird website which nobody would like to stick on for more than 2/3 minutes.

3. The World's Worst Website Ever

Probably nobody knows that for what reason this site is made. There are many errors in the design and there's no topic or information.

No product and not such things which makes a website, a website. Its probably the most worst and weird website of the world.

4. Zoom Quilt

This is something that will make you wonder how the website is designed and how much data it has. As this is about never ending zooming.

Yes, you will see images inside images and that environment will never end. Just visit the website and you have nothing to do now. Wait for some seconds and it will load the never ending scenes.

This is the most weird and pointless website and it sucks the time.

5. Is My Computer On?

Don't go for any random site or install a software or get an engineer to check whether your computer is on or off.

You just have to visit this website and it will tell you that your computer is on or off. Hopefully this is the one really most funny website of the world and I was kept on loughs for 5 minutes after reading that YES on the website.

6. That's The Finger

Another weird website, this is something people are searching for and this web is about selecting a finger.

You can visit the site and then start hovering your cursor like you scroll down and up and you will see two fingers from a vector hand opening and closing and that's all.

7. Pointless

This is another search engine of pointless websites with index of so many weird and funny web-pages with games and interesting functions.

You can visit the website and then click on Show me a Pointless website button and it will start showing on of the garbage websites.

8. Llama Font

This is something maybe useful for typography geeks but this is the most funny website and useless because you can't really copy or download the fonts and use for your anything.

Its just an entertaining website to make people know that there are people with really funny mind who are developing these kind of useless and weird websites.

9. Bored Button

If you are looking for a not useless but weird and still interesting website then the Bored button is something that will help you.

You can click on the Bored button and then it will show you a pointless game. You can also do it as many times as you want.

Hopefully, this list is ending here.

If you liked my work on finding the useless websites in the world then share this article with your friends and also suggest your favorite site name in the comments form below.