How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

How to improve emotional intelligence?

A great question being asked by almost every 2nd person on this earth and the term emotional intelligence is still not understandable to many people and they are looking for the deep information.
How to Improve Emotional Intelligence
As I am here to talk about this topic and give you some effective tips to improve your emotional intelligence without going to a doctor or expert, I will also write about its basic information and tell you what really it is.

So sit tight and read everything about emotional intelligence and improve your life for being more successful and get people's love for yourself.

What is emotional intelligence?

Its all about how you react and how others react to your actions and reactions caused by others actions.

When you listen to others and they listen to you or when you react on others and they react on you and after all that what they think about you or what you think about them is the potential emotional intelligence (EI, EQ) and it makes sense when you take notes on your daily life routines.

You can take notes about:
  • How people listen to you (is they are engaged with you or not)
  • How they talk with you (is their tone is angry type or friendly and not funny)
  • How you react to their words (calmly or in bad language)
  • How they react on your thoughts (happily or in a clueless mode)
These notes will tell you the score of your emotional intelligence and when you start taking notes of these 4 things you will become able to improve your emotional intelligence and easily understand what EI reallyis.

How to Improve Emotional Intelligence

Don't worry, now you don't have to read entire Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ is a 1995 book by Daniel Goleman with 352 pages. You can read this quick tips to improve your emotional intelligence.

Just make sure you are reading these tips to improve your EQ at workplace and also in other situations and also for putting some changes in your routine life. So read on:

1. Self Evaluation

By evaluating yourself I am not suggesting that you should put yourself in an exam created by the experts of emotions.

You have to do it yourself and sit calmly at a comfort zone at your home then create notes on:
  • Your weaknesses
  • Your strengths
  • What you think you can't change
  • What you have changed
This will tell you a rough result of how much work you need to do for improving emotional intelligence of yours.

2. Be Responsible

Being responsible for your acts is the best way to create an higher emotional intelligence and tell people that you are great and respect their feelings.

You can be responsible for things like:
  • When someone get hurt on your said words or actions
  • Apologize to others for your bad acts
  • Forgive people when they ask for forgiveness
These are the most exciting and useful ways to be responsible and have others trust back. If you do this you will not feel guilty and have a free mind.

3. Control Reactions

If you are a stereotype then first get out of this thing, then listen to your heart and feel how much bad or good you are reacting to other people.

You can control your reactions by:
  • Not being judgmental
  • Knowing full story before giving your remarks
  • Be honest and think about your recent reactions
And also think about why some people are not with you anymore, who was wrong. Do it with fresh mind and don't have an angry mind when thinking about past memories. As you may go into very deep mind-sea. You just have to clear your thoughts, so think intelligently.

4. Stressful Situations

This is the main point where you can see your emotional intelligence performance and its level.

Just make sure that you are not over-reacting to the stressful situations in your life and if possible then calm down and think about a solution rather then blaming others or shouting on your employees or family members.

You can be a better person in stressful situations by:
  • Not instantly reacting to bad situations
  • Keeping quit when things not go as you planned
  • When something wrong happened, stay calm
  • Always try to find a solution as fast as you can
But when there's no solution to your problem or you are not getting success in finding one then don't forget that you are still a human being and things can go wrong with you. Its natural. Don't be stressful.

5. Humbleness

This is the key-point for achieving highest emotional intelligence score.

If you can show humility to others and let them describe, show and take credit of their words, work and other things they are best at.

You can do this by:
  • Giving others respect
  • Making them feel great when they are with you
  • Listen to what they say
  • Praise them on their good moves
Don't be too greedy and don't try to steal other's ideas, thoughts and work. Just ask them to help you out when you are in problem. Even if you are the boss and you can't read an email you can ask your employee to read that for you. Its not a bad thing or not shameful (believe me its not).

6. See Yourself

Seeing yourself at others places will easily make you a person who have higher emotional intelligence and a real human being.

You can do this by:
  • Always thinking about your own self in others situation
  • Not saying a word to others before thinking your own self at their point
  • Make yourself able to create an image that what will you do if that happens to you which is happening or happened to another person who is asking to you
These are the common ways to see yourself in situations other people are going through. So do it and have your mind work on improving emotional intelligence.

In the end, its all about:
  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy
  • Social Skills
If you can have these things in you and you are working on them as a daily basis then you will be able to easily improve your emotional intelligence and become a great personality.

If you need more information and tips then comment below and share this article with your friends so that we can know that you are interested in getting more on this topic and we will write more! Thanks.