Facebook to Become a TikTok Competitor with its Lasso App

Facebook to Become a TikTok Competitor with its Lasso App
Facebook is the #1 social media network of today?

Everybody thinks that way, because Facebook is the one and only platform which is giving threads to every new social media app which is taking community by storms.

As after challenging SnapChat with Instagram features, Facebook is now building an app Called Lasso to compete with TikTok an extended version of Musically app.

According to the information received from employees at Facebook: They are working on an app to make users dance on music videos or just record themselves on songs and dialogues (the same thing of TikTok model). The app will be a standalone competitor of TikTok.

This will be the same TikTok thing and available in Full-screen mode on your smartphone devices. You can do the same things and have fun using the app. This Facebook project is in hands of Facebook's Video and Watch features team members. They are working on creating this new app by Facebook. According to some sources the lead product designer is Brady Voss.

Why Facebook Want to Compete with TikTok? 

Because teens don't like it. Really a survey by Piper Jaffray shows that only 5 percent of U.S. teens thinks their favorite social media network is Facebook and the rest of them are not using it as they use other apps like SnapChat, TikTok and more. After spring 2016 the percentage of teen users has been dropped by 60 percent and its huge.
 Why Facebook Want to Compete with TikTok?

Facebook is also doing its best by launching new and same features of other apps in Instagram and WhatsApp but still teens are not getting engaged, so the standalone app will do something great and Facebook has been in these thoughts since 2016 and already tried music app creations with Poke, Slingshot, Bolt, Flash, and others but failed.

Now after securing license deals from major record labels for a legal music social app where teens can record themselves with lip sync feature and show their talent to the community, Facebook is all set to launch its Lasso app which will be the competition to TikTok.

Lets see what Facebook can actually do in competition with TikTok.
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