GrayKey: An iPhone Passcode Hack Device Killed by Apple

Apple in its efforts to make its devices specially iPhone more secure has updated the operating system to iOS 12 and in this update they have made several changes and reportedly saying that they have blocked iPhone Police hack tool called GrayKey.

Many law enforcement agencies and other organizations were using the GrayKey hacking device to hack into iPhone devices and look the data behind a locked iPhone device. However, now Apple is on board and securing the devices with latest iOS update.
GrayKey: An iPhone Passcode Hack Device Killed by Apple

Thomas Brewster from Forbes has been updating us with GrayKey and he updated that on Wednesday he received information regarding this hacking tool from forensic community that Apple finally able to stop law enforcement and others crack into its users' phones.

As per as reports says: A tool worth of $15,000 is now not able to crack passcode of iPhones and it can only perform a partial extraction which is nothing and worthless. The tool was made by a company called Grayshift.

Forbes has published that Captain John Sherwin of the Rochester Police Department in Minnesota confirmed that now nobody can crack into iPhone devices as new update of iOS has made this impossible (for now) "That’s a fairly accurate assessment as to what we have experienced".

How GrayKey was able to crack into iPhones?

Simple, it was a tool with a device and build-in software and it uses a workaround to brute force into device and guess the exact password match. It keeps on trying until it finds the password and crack the phone.

However, still GrayShift's secret methods to brute force the iPhone devices are kept secret and nobody knows how they are able to crack into iPhones.

Some sources and Forbes says that GrayShift counts at least one ex-Apple security engineer and its a confirmed report.

How Apple Killed the Hack tool?

Apple is smart, and they are making it clear.

Apple with the release of iOS 12 has updated the phones with "USB Restricted Mode" which is the best way to create another door for such devices.

It will shut down the lightning port access on every iPhone device with iOS 12 when it has not been unlocked by its owner in an hour. However, its not still confirmed by Apple.

How to make your iPhone Secure?

Don't listen to any other news, just update your iPhone with iOS 12 and manually check whether you have same settings or not.

You should go to Settings > FaceID and Passcode and scroll a little bit down and your settings should look like this:
Don't enable USB Accessories mode.

This is the best solution for now.

However, many other companies and hackers will try their best to crack into iPhone devices and iOS devices as this will be not a solution for long run.