How to Find the Source of An Image by Doing Reverse Image Search

If you are searching for how to find the source of an image then this is they page you are looking for as here I will explain two simple and useful methods to find image source and it will help you give credits to original image owner.

As very often we have to use high quality images and when downloading them from free stock image resources just like Pixabay and Pexels we can't get a guarantee that the user who uploaded that particular image is the real owner of that.
How to Find the Source of An Image by Doing Reverse Image Search

So it is a huge mistake when you are using those images in your products and business pages without giving proper credit and that credit should be to the real owner. That's we are answer a question "how to find the source of a picture" which is being asked by many content marketers and professionals.

Just scroll a little bit down and find a solution. We are telling you two different and easiest ways of doing reverse image search:

How to find the Original source of an Image

Method number 1: Using Google Images
  • Go to
  • Click on the Camera button
  • Copy and paste a URL or upload your image
  • Hit the enter button and Google Images will show you the original source
If Google reverse image search is not able to find the exact source of your image then it will show you most relative images.

You can then open that pages and find who is the oldest uploader of that particular image. Photos, Pictures, Wallpapers and other digital art-work can also be tracked.

Method number 2: TinEye Reverse Image Search
  • Go to
  • Upload your image with clicking on upload button or paste a URL
  • Hit the enter and it will show the best results where the exact image has been uploaded
You can then find the original source from there and if you are still asking that how do you find the original source of an image then do try one of the above two methods again.

Why to Find Original Source of an Image?

There are many reasons to find source of an image and some of them are listed below:
  • When you are using images in your products and business pages you have to give proper credit to the images
  • That credit should be given to the original owner
  • So for that purpose you have to find original image source
  • If you are a blogger you need to tell your reader that who has captured your featured image
  • Content marketers have to show their faith by providing real source of images
  • People will trust on your work when you are telling them from where you use those high quality images
So on and the reason can be like you are curious about finding the original source of any image which you found in your computer and also it can be a legal case.

Beware, if its a legal case for finding the real image source then do contact to the law enforcement agencies and organizations. Don't take the law in your hands.

So? How did you find our simple and quick guide on finding original source of an image? If you liked it then share with your friends and otherwise you can comment your views. Thanks for the read.