Coaching Quotes: 37 Most Famous Coaching Quotes and Sayings

Leadership, couching and training is a chain of big player and great personality. If you can train a person with right tips and show right directions to a person then you will see his success with your own eyes.
Coaching Quotes: 37 Most Famous Coaching Quotes and Sayings

However, without any further waiting lines, here's the list of best and most famous coaching quotes and sayings of all time.

37 Inspirational Coaching Quotes:

  1. To be successful in coaching you have to treat your team like a family. The leader needs backing from everyone. Morgan Wootten
  2. Really, coaching is simplicity. It's getting players to play better than they think that they can. Tom Landry
  3. Coaching is very complex: it's like a puzzle, and many things need to come together to make it work. Stan Wawrinka
  4. All coaching is, is taking a player where he can't take himself. Bill McCartney
  5. Failure is good. It's fertilizer. Everything I've learned about coaching, I've learned from making mistakes. Rick Pitino
  6. Coaching helps you take stock of where you are now in all aspects of your life, and how that compares to where you would like to be. Elaine MacDonald
  7. Constant, gentle pressure is my preferred technique for leadership, guidance, and coaching. Danny Meyer
  8. Football has always been a big part of my life. Almost from the day I was born, playing and coaching football were all I really ever wanted to do. Bobby Bowden
  9. Geez, I just played cricket because I loved the game. I never thought about it much, never really had any formal coaching. Steve Waugh
  10. I think the most important thing about coaching is that you have to have a sense of confidence about what you're doing. Phil Jackson
  11. Coaching is nothing more than eliminating mistakes before you get fired. Lou Holtz
  12. Teaching players during practices was what coaching was all about to me. John Wooden
  13. I learned this about coaching: You don't have to explain victory and you can't explain defeat. Darrell Royal
  14. Look, coaching is about human interaction and trying to know your players. Any coach would tell you that. I'm no different. Bill Parcells
  15. Coaching really is an individual philosophy. Mark Messier
  16. Selecting the right person for the right job is the largest part of coaching. Phil Crosby
  17. First impressions are huge, especially with the coaching staff. Jordan Rodgers
  18. We could all use more coaching. Richard Thaler
  19. Coaching in the NBA is not easy. It's like a nervous breakdown with a paycheck. Pat Williams
  20. The thing that drives most coaches out of coaching in college is they get tired of the grind of recruiting. Bobby Bowden
  21. I always thought I could do a good job coaching, but the opportunities have not presented themselves. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  22. I need to be competing. Coaching is good, but I like to be in the fire. Daniel Cormier
  23. Coaching the Bruins is like going bear hunting with a butter knife. Pat Burns
  24. In all the years that I've been in football - I went directly from coaching to broadcasting - I never really had a lot of experience watching it. John Madden
  25. We're not Seattle East. We're our own Atlanta, and there are definitely things I learned from Coach Carroll. He had probably the single biggest influence on my coaching career. Dan Quinn
  26. I fell in love with coaching. I loved interacting with young people, having the opportunity to make a tremendous impression on them. Morgan Wootten
  27. When I picture myself after football, it's down home, coaching high school football, just a relaxing, normal life. J. J. Watt
  28. You can't play enough golf or do any of those other things that fill that kind of excitement that coaching gave me in the big games. Don Shula
  29. There is a huge wave of interest in happiness among researchers. There is a lot of happiness coaching. Everybody would like to make people happier. Daniel Kahneman
  30. Coaching takes patience. I'm more enthused when teaching players who want it versus when I have to. Kevin Garnett
  31. Coaching courses are still much too theoretical, and this is what you see reflected in the basic technical skills of the average player. I even see things deteriorating. Johan Cruyff
  32. Head coaching options are limited. Dan Gilbert
  33. No, I'm not coaching. It's a huge responsibility to coach somebody. Oksana Baiul
  34. When I have the urge to get back to coaching, I lie down and wait until it passes. Hank Stram
  35. You never want to go through a coaching change mid-cycle. Megan Rapinoe
  36. Coaching jobs are far and few between; you try and get into the right situation and take advantage of it from there. Scottie Pippen
  37. That's why the fears of playing or coaching, you want to do everything possible to make it. A lot of teams make it look real easy, but it is hard. Jason Kidd
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