Kahoot Code: All Active Kahoot Pins (2024)

Are you playing an online game on Kahoot? Looking to Join one? or looking to upgrade in the game with Kahoot Pins?

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Well, Kahoot is a well-known platform for playing games and making it easy to learn a subject on a web browser Kahoot Pin Codes help a player to redeem extra rewards, powers, and free gifts.

Since I am now sharing more content for gaming topics, I am here with a list of currently active Kahoot Pin codes that always work at least for this month and I will be also listing the expired pins so that you don’t mix live and nonactive codes.

After you check these new Kahoot Pin codes, you can read how to use them to join a live game on Kahoot It, so be with me and read the entire article here:

Kahoot Pins (Working)

Here I am providing you a list of all active Kahoot Codes that will work for you to join a game at Kahoot.it.

This list is updated on the 1st of January 2024:

Currently Live Games on YouTube:

These are some active Kahoot Code digits to join a live game right now!

  1. 7167304
  2. 4910919
  3. 411309
  4. 5025083
  5. 5198721
  6. 92165
  7. 3077974
  8. 5898690
  9. 9633762
  10. 6943636
  11. 3400680
  12. 3142602
  13. 2238879
  14. 4833349
  15. 7612728
  16. 3891302
  17. 7951371
  18. 3311633
  19. 9292405
  20. 8595254
  21. 1171604

Active Kahoot Game Pins:

  1. 3624287
  2. 3264889
  3. 3019248
  4. 08865750
  5. 1579890
  6. 7758901
  7. 5148494
  8. 5593968
  9. 8174945

Might be active or expired:

  1. 433029
  2. 117719
  3. 961331
  4. 975013
  5. 766580
  6. 694134
  7. 500029
  8. 601886
  9. 979547
  10. 211601
  11. 456624
  12. 848350
  13. 548660
  14. 62491
  15. 285205
  16. 703629
  17. 623761
  18. 550282
  19. 943682
  20. 505788
  21. 146555
  22. 673539
  23. 449588
  24. 31495
  25. 687640

I also posted a list of active Blooket Codes to join a live game, check that too.

So, the first list is about active game codes that are currently being played on Youtube and are available to play on Kahoot 24/7 which means these codes will always work for you.

The second list of Kahoot Pin codes provides you with the updated list of game join pins that are active and useable for you. While the third list is providing you a list of codes that might be working or not and needs a test on your side.

If you want to learn more about Kahoot, read below:

How to Join a Kahoot Live Game?

Joining a live game on Kahoot is so easy here's a simple guide for you:

  1. Go to Kahoot's official website at https://kahoot.it
  2. It will show you a homepage asking you to enter Game PIN
  3. Enter your Kahoot Game Code and click on Enter button

That's all, now you are in a live game where you can play an online game that is initiated by a Kahoot game host.

Where to find Live Kahoot Game Pins?

Finding a live game pin for Kahoot is not as hard as it looks, here's how easy it is:

  1. Go to YouTube and hit the search bar
  2. Type "Kahoot" and filter Live results
  3. You will see many live streams for Kahoot games
  4. Open some of the Lives and see their Game Pin
  5. Copy that Pin on a Notepad

That's it, now you can go to Kahoot.it and join a live game with those game pins you found on Youtube.

Is Kahoot free to join?

Yes, the Kahoot app and the web version is a free-to-join platform for players to join a live game using a game pin that is also freely provided by many hosts on YouTube, Twitter, and Discord communities as well as many Facebook groups working for this platform. So go and find your pin for free and enjoy.

Can I join a random Kahoot game?

It depends! As you need a game PIN to join a live Kahoot game, you first need to search for that pin. You can also randomly type 6 to 7 digits codes and try your luck if you can enter a random Kahoot game or not. Else, you can search for the codes and join a game with that live and working PIN.

What else?

You will get to see more new Kahoot Pin Codes on this page as I will keep this page updated with the working codes for you. So stay tuned.