Google: "We Have No Plans" to launch a Search Engine in China

While searching about the recent Congress and Google's CEO talks, I found there is something which is being baked in the kitchen of Google headquarters and its for the China.
Google: "We Have No Plans" to launch a Search Engine in China
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So here's the whole story as sourced from WashingtonPost and Reuters:

Google's chief executive, Sundar Pichai, told a congressional committee amid growing scrutiny of large technology companies that there is "no plan" for the company to launch or re-launch a search engine in China, although they are still studying the idea and experimenting with other things.

Lawmakers and Google employees have raised concerns that the company (Google) will comply with China's Internet censorship policies if it re-enters the search engine market in the Asian country.

Google's main site ( has been banned in China since 2010, but the Alphabet subsidiary is again trying to enter the country with the largest number of smartphone users in the world.
"At present, there are no plans to launch a search engine in China," Pichai told the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, but he said Google had "developed and studied what might be the format of the research." (if launched) The project was moving forward for some time. He also stated: At one time, we had more than 100 people working there. "
He said there were no talks with the Chinese government at the moment. Pledging to adhere to "full transparency" with policy makers if the company provides search services in China.
He also said in a speech to US lawmakers in August that providing such a search engine would provide "great advantages" to China, but it was unclear whether Google could start serving there.
A Chinese government official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters (a news website) last month it was unlikely Google would get permission to start a search service in 2019.

Pichai did not say anything on what steps will company take to comply with the Chinese laws and their censorship rules.

Much of the House hearing focused on Republicans' fears that Google's search results were biased against conservatives and that the company had tried to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

Democrats dismissed the claim as "fiction" and a Democratic deputy said the findings highlighted More conservative votes.

Pichai also explained that the search engine is trying to help people register to vote or find polling stations in some states, but declined to confirm that the company paid the cost of transferring Latino voters to polling stations in some states.
"We do not participate in partisan activities," he told the committee.
So, its crystal clear that Google is trying different ways to re-enter into China and start its operations,

They are experimenting with different kind of things to comply with the censorship of China and provide more quality search facilities.

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