6 Ways to Motivate Employees During the Holidays Season

Holidays are coming towards us and we have to celebrate them without getting stuck in the trap of workload.

The same thing happens to the staff and they want to enjoy themselves during the holidays and even some of them will ask for holidays leave.

This brings a huge curve to your revenue as during the holidays every business can easily manage to double its revenue, but without an effective team it's not possible.

That's why I am here to share with you some really effective ways to motivate your employees and make them work with more power and forget about getting leave.

So let's read this quick guide now:

1. Give Surprises

Surprising your employees will make their hearts have feelings for you and it will force them to work for you more than they should.

But the thing is how we can surprise our staff? and the answer is here:
  • Announce a 5% increase in the salary of employees just before one day of holidays and it should be for those who are not going to get a leave and opt to work more
  • If possible then tell them that they can work from their homes and complete tasks remotely
  • Give a small picnic party at your office and play with your employees for one whole day
Very often employees think that their boss is not a funny person and always stay angry. You have to prove them wrong and show that you are also a human being like them and love to enjoy the life.

2. Give Gifts

It is not relate-able to surprising your employees. You have to really give them some gifts which they can take home.

Don't forget that every employee loves to get gifts from the boss and for some its the most precious thing in their lives.

So you can gift them a:
  • Watch
  • Wallet
  • Bag
  • Pen
  • Book
  • Smartphone
  • any other thing
A gift to your employees shouldn't be too expensive or too cheap. You should respect them and give a normal thing as a gift but make sure you are giving these gifts to them as a reward for any of their recent achievements. Don't surprise them with gifts :)

3. Christmas Shopping Leave

You can announce a short-leave for Christmas shopping which your employees can do online or if possible then you can ask them to go to the nearest market and buy what they are looking for on Xmas night.

There's no need of announcing a full day leave. You should ask them what they can enjoy their Christmas after doing some work and the work will not hurt their Christmas fun as you will give them an earlier leave.

You can also give a surprise in Christmas shopping regard by getting them with you after doing work and asking them to do their shopping or enjoy the night with you at a mall or somewhere they have planned and simply if someone wants to enjoy Xmas with his/her family that person can go and do that without your permission.

4. Charitable Donations

During the time of holidays, it is better to take care of people who are not really celebrating Christmas and even don't know what to do on Xmas night.

You should ask your employees to create a charitable donation and add funds from their pockets. You should add your share and then ask them if they want to participate.

After collecting funds you can get all your employees together and give all of that donated money to someone who deserves or you can give that money to any organization which you think is working in real-time and not scamming on the name of charity.

This way you can have your employees motivated to work with having faith with them as they will become happy by helping poor families and people.

5. Motivational Speech

A motivational seminar is not that great as some of your motivational words can be. You can motivate your staff by giving a short motivational speech.

Get them at the conference room and start the speech with your failures, then tell them how much down you was feeling and how you come up with ideas and still failed but keep on working hard and today you are the boss.

This kind of story makes everybody motivated and forces them to work harder for achieving the success they always are looking for.

6. Ask them What they Want

If you are not satisfied with any of the above options and want to something extraordinary or don't want to force your employees on your own plans, then you should ask them - what they want?

Simply go to your work-station and say loudly: So my friends, what you want to do or have on this holiday? what are your plans? is there something that I can do for you?

And ask them to have their questions at your office. This way you can get to know what your staff is looking for on this Christmas season and what they want to do without your permission.

In the end, you have to create strong relationships with your employees and make them talk to you easily and don't think that you are a bad boss. Treat them as a family and they will help you take your business to the next levels. Happy Holidays!