5 Tips to Create Amazing Content for Your Website

5 Tips to Create Amazing Content for Your Website
Probably every blogger and content marketer have written about this topic and there are hundreds of tips out there to help you understand the key to creating amazing content which engages the audience and help you gain more trust.

The thing I am not sure about that guides is they all are making promises and guiding you in a general which really not works as much as they make you dream about the traffic, ranking and all that stuff.

Here, I will do my best to describe what works for me and what I am doing to generate highly converting traffic and then engage those visitors to come again and read more articles or navigate through the pages for getting their desired information, products and services.

So here is what makes an article better and how you can create extra ordinary content:

1. Describe everything

In first few paragraphs, you should consider talking about the entire idea of your topic and reveal what really you are going to talk about.

These paragraphs will be called "Introduction" of your article and they should be to the point and easy to read.

You should include:

  • A little information about the topic
  • Raise a question and then promise to answer that in the article
  • Talk about the recent research or your experience
  • Tell why you are going to write about that particular topic
And then start writing about it, that's the key to make every reader of your website spend at-least 30 seconds on your pages.

2. Keep relevancy

Being in your niche or website category is one of the most tested and working methods of engaging more readers and generate highly converting web-traffic.

As when you are always talking about a certain number of topics and your every article is around them then your audience will enjoy reading your new content they will visit again and again to find more relative information.

All you have to do is:

  • Select a niche or industry
  • Create a set of at-least 10 topics
  • Keep on creating content around those 10 topics
  • Do keyword research on these topics and write about relative ideas
This will help you make a solid audience and then sell your products or make money with an affiliate network.

3. Stay focused

Most of the people start writing about a topic from ABC and take that to XYZ in the end.

In content marketing, things don't work like that. We have to stay on topic and write about what we promises in the introduction and keep the reader in mind.

We should provide solution to the problem described in the title of the article and at the introduction paragraphs.

In easy words: we should talk about one topic in one article and complete that topic with providing solution to the problem.

We don't have to sum-up all of the problems relating to one problem at one page. We can post more articles for other similar problems and this way we can have more topics to write about and make our readers engaged.

4. Listicles

List-based-articles are winning the content marketing game and most of the famous and high traffic generating articles on this blog are list article.

I have conducted a little research and found that almost 80% of the content which is most shared on many viral websites is list based.

Websites like BuzzFeed and BoredPanda are getting thousands of visitors on their single articles which are providing numbered information regarding any particular topic.

The amazing thing is you can easily create list based content on almost every niche and its not that boring, nor hard to create.

5. Updates

After creating content and then sharing on social media, most of the bloggers and newbies at content marketing thinks that its enough now.

But, the real game starts after you start getting some traffic and if your pages are going viral and receiving traffic on a daily basis - you have to bake them.

Yes, by baking I mean to say: You have to update content with required information and add more insights as per reader's intention.

One more thing, Google and other search engines loves updated content and rank up those pages which are getting frequent updates.

So, if you are still looking for tips to create good content and these simple yet most powerful tips are not working for you then comment below and I will answer all of your question. Thanks for reading!