5 Branding Mistakes That Are Killing Your Agency

As a freelancer and a digital marketing certified professional I can say that managing your agency is not that easy and when you are selling services to other businesses and taking care of their branding, you have to do heavy lifting for doing the same for your own agency.

Every agency owner wants to make money out of his clients and hunt more clients and make every client a happy one so that he/she will come back in future and give more orders/deals. This is what an agency should do, but there's no chance to succeed when you are not helping your own business.
5 Branding Mistakes You Are Making With Your Agency

You must do some branding for your agency and always keep on updating things and creating campaigns. But, Still its not enough! You have to do more than spending on advertising and creating engaging logo or impressive website design.

So to make things work smoothly and give you more business, here's a list of top 5 common branding mistakes you may be making with your agency:

1. You Are Not Sure On Your Services

Well, this can be a unique mistake and you may not even aware of this.

I have seen many agencies which are doing great in the market and still throwing thousands of dollars on advertising to get clients.

Why? because they are not sure on what services they are giving.

Yes, that's true, and here's an example:
  • ABC is a digital marketing agency and providing web-development, content writing and graphic design services
  • They are talking about website creation, content writing and advertising these services
  • They thinks that graphic design is same thing which they are doing in web-development
  • Thus, they are not giving attention to graphic design business which can lead them to big projects 
This is an example and most of the small business and many big agencies are making this mistake in their branding strategy by not including everything which is under their services umbrella.

2. You Don't Have A Purpose

Yes, telling your own story to your clients is crucial for creating a great brand awareness and it can make huge impact. As of now every big brand and agency have their own story and motto. They know what they are doing and that's why they are on top spots.

You have to tell your customers that why you provide that particular services and how you manage to retain your expertise on your services. Tell them why they should work with you and hire your agency for their work again and again.

You can do this by:
  • Showing a portfolio
  • Adding a feedback/reviews widget at homepage of your website
  • Creating out-standing slogan
And you can also let other bloggers talk about you so that the market will get known to your agency and more customers will trust you as an authority.

3. Having Poor Design

If you are not investing in web-design and other design material of your agency then this is the biggest mistake which are doing with your agency and it can really harm your agency's leads.

You must have to update your agency website and keep other material updated. What other material?
  • Agency hoardings
  • Agency brochures
  • Agency business cards
  • Agency office colors
All of these things should be updated at-least twice in an year and no big touches are need. You just have to make some necessary changes with latest web design trends and keep on updating content in these things.

4. Updating Just Your Own Website

Re-branding is not good, you don't have to fully rebrand your agency. Instead you should do some minor changes in your branding materials and then don't forget to update your own website and office but other outlets too.

You should update your agency's profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and all other platforms or website where your name is available. You should change online ads and offline advertisement too.

If you failed to update changes of your agency on all other places where your agency name can appear then you will be in trouble and clients will start thinking that you are a fake agency owner. So be quick and always stay updated.

5. Not Testing New Ideas

Your clients are loyal to you?

Even if your answer is in YES, you have to focus on testing new ideas and creating new products on the trends of the markets.

Your clients are always on search of getting another high quality product or hiring an agency which can give them low cost and more high quality services than yours.

So, to make them stick with your agency you have to avoid doing this big mistake. You always have to invest in your business to create new products and give new features to old ones and always add some more points in your digital services.

This way you can get more clients and get recent clients engaged with your agency.

However, if you are still looking for more ideas to create a great agency and grow your business on a consist basis then comment below and ask your questions. I will try to answer you as best as I can.