6 Ideas for Facebook Live Video Streaming to Boost Brand Awareness

With a lot of in social media networks about their competition on live video streaming and its quality Facebook in many terms is winning the game by providing a free of cost and most easiest way to live stream your life and your ideas on your personal Facebook Profile or on a Business Page.

Its all about you on Facebook, while other platforms like YouTube needs your attention for getting some subscribers and then upload your live streaming videos and Twitter is using an external platform.

6 Ideas for Facebook Live Video Streaming To Boost Brand Awareness

In this game, the coolest brands which are good at testing platforms for generating more leads and getting more customers to their door ends they are focusing on Facebook live video streaming option and they are more than in-touch with their repeated customers.

Also with the latest option for video-break-ads in Facebook videos, now everybody is creating great video content on Facebook and even live streams are in Full HD format. YouTubers are also trying Facebook for generating revenue and gaining more powerful audience.

That means the secret to the questions like how to create a viral Facebook Live video is revealed now and brands have to adopt the new way ideas to make amazing and engaging live videos.

If you are a brand or a video content marketer and looking for great ways for Facebook live videos then check this list of top 9 most effective ideas to engage audience and make your live streams go viral for boosting brand awareness:

1. Product Review

One of the most exciting ways to get more sales and more brand awareness is to review your products on your Facebook live stream and tell your followers what your product looks like and how it can help them in what your product is about.

You can simply announce a Facebook live session just 8 to 10 hours before you are going to live stream so that you can have an already audience.

Now start your live stream and hold your product or showcase it after 10/20 minutes of going live (you can talk about the product in first some minutes to engage more viewers) and when showcasing your product, don't dig deep.

Just try to mention its core features and tell your audience that why your new product (even if that's an old product) is different from others in the market.

Talk about the price, features, specifications and quality.

2. Q2A Session

Holding a question and answer session in your brand name with your CEO and top employees is also a great way to engage with the fans and customers for creating an amazing experience and making them feel that you care about their thoughts.

You can just start a monthly live session plan and do it on the same day of every new month and on same time.

This way you can engage your Facebook page followers and let them guide you to make a customer-loved product and upgrade your products.

Allow your Facebook fans to comment on your live q2a sessions and have a person answering them via comments and then pick the most exciting questions for discussing in live video which will easily create a 2 to 4 hours of live session which will be like a web-event for your company and it will surely increase brand awareness.

3. Event Broadcasting

This is something every big brand is adopting and doing it already to take their events online and let their customers and lovers watch them even when they can't get into the event physically.

For an example you can see that F8 (an event by Facebook) can be watched online on Facebook at the page of F8 and that is amazing.

With high-end cameras and best use of computers they make Facebook live session a great way to get the event in front of thousands of followers.

As not every brand can hold events, you can create tiny events. By tiny events I mean to say that you can get your employees together and ask them to arrange an event in your office or a place where you can set a stage and have 20/30 people as audience.

Even without audience you can live stream your company events and showcase your ideas.

4. Interviews

To increase brand awareness with Facebook live video streaming, the best idea when you don't have other things like product is to interview a legend or a sensation.

In today's world every 2nd day we see an instant famous celebrity and they really loves to get interviewed with online brands.

All you have to do is just find out a personality in your industry and ask him/her to be a special part of your Facebook live stream video.

This way you don't need to have a product or create a whole new event. You can just get that personality in your office or even at your home and interview about success story of that person to better understand what was the success factors in that person's story and how your audience can get influenced which will surely boost brand awareness of your company or services.

5. Webinars

In these Facebook live tips article the best way for bloggers and marketers to use Facebook live streaming services, I would love to recommend starting with webinars on Facebook.

As if you are in digital marketing industry or on a plan to teach something to people and you have an audience then the best way to convey your ideas and get more people attached with you is to hold some webinars using Facebook live.

You can do it in a Facebook group, on page and even with your personal profile.

You can also make money out of these webinars by promoting affiliated products in webinars and getting people to buy your recommended products with your affiliated links.

Most experts of many industries are using Facebook live video service to create webinars and get more engagements and leads for free, so you should try it too.

6. Extras

After above 5 ideas the rest is extras for actually using Facebook live video to boost brand awareness as these works not better then above ideas.

However, I have to mention these ideas because they at-least make you give a try:
  • Host a weekly news video live stream about your industry
  • Live stream behind the scenes of your events and plans
  • Do how-to live stream videos and teach people about something
  • Take your audience on a tour to your office or company
  • Hold a luxury event for announcing your new products and do a live stream
  • Answer frequently asked questions
And there is much more. You can just brainstorm the best fitting ideas for creating a Facebook live video session in hope of boosting brand awareness.

Some tips to actually represent your brand in every Facebook live session:
  • Always wear a shirt with your company's logo
  • Have a background with your company's brand color and logo with slogan
  • Try to speak about your company and speak out your company or product's name loudly
  • Always tend to ask people what they like about you (your product/company) and what they don't 
These are some basic tips to Facebook live stream for easily getting more eye-balls and give a boost to your brand awareness for free.

If you are still in need of getting more tips about how to engage more people on a Facebook live stream video or how to do it then comment below and I will answer your questions. Thanks for the read!