4 Types of Video Content to Boost X Followers

In a recent blog posts I've discussed how to double X followers everyday and today I am here to tell you 4 types of video content that really get more users to interact with your profile and follow you.

Today's influencers are saying that short form video works on X and also on other social media networks.
4 Types of Video Content to Boost X Followers

This is what I have discovered by researching on X and come to the point that there are some types of video content which really makes sense and boosts the followers.

As some researches on X says that:
"82% of X users watch video content and 90% use X on mobile via Rebekah Radice"
Statistics are saying that 82% of all the X users loves to watch video content and that is huge for a person who can create videos and great opportunity for content marketers to get more leads and more clients. So as far as I discovered and know its time to convert your articles and thoughts in to video content and post them on X to get more X followers, so read all of that tips right below:

1. Behind the Scenes

The very first way to engage your followers and get more of them is to upload your behind the scene videos on X and it also helps you to drive traffic on your website and increase original video views.

For an example: You recently have released a short film on YouTube and you have behind the scenes videos. You can upload them to your X profile and add a Link to the original YouTube video and let people who interact with your tweet to watch your original upload.

Some tips to shoot behind the scene videos:
  • Always use a smartphone (high quality camera) to shoot shaking videos of real shooting
  • Create some fun on sets and record that into professional camera
  • Release bloopers version of original recordings
Show people how your video content has been recorded and how much fun was that. This type of video content will help you engage followers and boost X followers easily.

2.  How to's

Every person on the internet loves to watch how to videos just about everything from fun to work. In every industry there is something you can make a video on to guide people with an how to process.

For example: You are managing an online business about selling clothes (eCommerce store) to the people around selected areas of the world. You can create some how to videos on how you manage to deliver items on time and how you manage to create such stuff. This will also help you increase branding at the same time.

Some tips to shoot how to videos:
  • Get everything which you need to complete a project
  • Talk about your project/work and give brief on things you are going to use
  • Now step by step do what you are expert in and shoot every step
  • Show the final project or work
That's all. Now you can go to the X profile and upload your short video on how to tutorial which will increase your retweet rate and get more x followers towards your profile.

3. Insider secrets

This is something very interesting for social media users who are going to create something big or just at the point to establish their own startup businesses and check how industry respond to them. You can show them your expertise and experiences in the business.

For example: You are working as a lawyer online and have a separate website where you get client calls and then meet them for the final discussion on the case. You can start creating short videos on X and explain how you market your website or how you trick the client to get his case in your hands.

Here are some tips to shoot insider secret videos:
  • Sit at your office and dim lights just show your face
  • Low-down your voice and get a list of secrets (maybe risky)
  • Reveal the exact strategies you apply at your business
And that's all. You should keep things straight and to the point. Just make sure not to reveal your passwords and real-secrets. Just share your experience and tell people how they can really do something the way you have done.

4. Live video

Not just Facebook and YouTube is famous here for live video sessions. X is also winning the game by giving you a totally free and flawless platform to broadcast yourself or others in a live X/twitter video. You can start live video streaming at your X profile to engage followers and get more of them.

For example: You are a professional blogger and know many related things like SEO, Content Marketing and Online Earning. You can start holding live seminars on X and set a schedule so that your followers will get ready to watch you every week or if possible every day. This will increase your authority and branding and also boost your X followers.

Some tips to shoot best live videos:
  • Use a clean background or have a whiteboard in the background
  • Buy a high quality microphone and video camera
  • Set a time schedule and send tweets about your live session times
  • Start with a point and give real information and discuss your experiences
This is all a live video have to do for watchers. So be real and do professional live video seminars as it may cause wow effect on your X profile.

If you are still in need of getting more tips on how to increase x followers with video content or other type of content then comment below and don't forget to share this article with your friends.