The Skills To Pay The Bills: What Are Employers Looking For?

The Skills To Pay The Bills: What Are Employers Looking For?
If you are looking for your next career move, or are straight out of college and want to land a good job, then you need to be able to demonstrate that you have the skills that are needed for the role.

Experience isn’t always going to need to be a requirement, but having a good skill set and being able to demonstrate those things, as well as qualities and attitudes, are all going to be important for the workplace.

With that in mind, here are some of the skills or attitudes that most employers are going to be looking for; are you up to scratch?

Positive Attitude

Being able to have a positive attitude at work is going to help so much, through the good days and the bad days. It can make the environment that you work in much easier too; just imagine if everyone in your team was being positive?

More would get done and even if things were tough, it would all be much more bearable, making for a great place to work.


Being able to communicate well can be really key in your business. When you can articulate yourself well, you can get your point across and can be understood clearly, whether verbally or in written form, it is something that can be vital in the workplace.

The same goes for listening to others as well; it is all part of the communication in the office.


When you’re at work there can be many things that you will be doing alone, and being able to work by yourself is pretty much going to be required.

But something that people find tougher is working as part of a team. So being able to demonstrate that can be really important, especially at an interview as that is something that is covered quite a lot.

If you find that you excel in it, then you never know, looking to do a masters in leadership online while you work could be the thing to perfect your teamwork and leadership skills.

The good news is that teamwork can be easy to demonstrate, as even without work experience, there will have been times when you’ve been part of a team.


When you are someone that is good at self-management, it shows that you have tact, can control yourself, and are considered in the things that you say or do.

Shouting at colleagues or saying things purposefully to annoy is not good self-management, and can make for an awkward and uncomfortable working environment.

Thinking Skills

Using thinking skills is something that is a little more complex than it first sounds. It can be all about seeing a problem, and then making an informed choice there and then, rather than just waiting, telling someone else to deal with it, or asking for the advice of others.

Using your initiative is all part of your thinking skills; can you think of an example when you last did just that and it paid off?

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