10 Essential Tips To Leave The Cake Cuddly - Infographic

10 Essential Tips To Leave The Cake Cuddly - Infographic
You do not need to panic about the number of hints, they are meant to be habit-forming after a few times.

We know that for first-class sweets ~ and even for those of many trips ~ the attempt to make a cake may not have a good result. For this reason, we'll help you with this! After all, how to leave the cake really cuddly?

There is no such golden recipe, but some tips that will make a difference. In addition to teaching all these tricks, Baked Comfort Food will leave below a classic and simple recipe for you to go testing at home.

Are you prepared to never "sin" in some processes and manage to make a perfect cake? Check out the tips below:

Tips To Leave The Cake Cuddly:

Not just this infographic, we have more professional cooking tips for you and these tips will easily make your cake look fancy and delicious.

So read them right below:

1. Beware Of The Temperature Of The Ingredients

The wrong temperature of some products can ruin the recipe. Ingredients such as butter, eggs, and milk have a direct influence on the composition of the cake.

So, use them correctly! Butter and milk should be at room temperature. Therefore, remove them from the refrigerator about 30 minutes before starting the blends. The eggs too!

When accustomed to the ambient temperature, the whites tend to get stiffer, adding even more to their recipe.

2. Separate Ingredients And Utensils First

Organize before everything you'll need to make a cute cake of respect helps a lot! This is the time to check everything out and also memorize the recipe.

Check the availability of the forms, the ingredients needed and if they are within the expiration date. If possible, separate each item to have everything more visible and easier when putting your hand in the dough.

3. The Oven

There are some cookie-cutters that not everyone knows.

So, attention! Preheating is very important! This helps your cake bake proportionately. And to prevent it from drying out, place a bowl of water in the oven in the process.

4. Do Not Mix Everything At Once!

Making a cake is nothing more than chemical composition.

So, it's important that you understand how each ingredient works. Do not put everything together at once. Take it easy! Put it down slowly.

5. Sift Almost Everything

The flour is an item that should be sifted slowly during mixing.

This is essential so that the dough does not get all jammed. Try also with yeast and sugar. Notice how the cake will look super cute and aerated after it's done.

5.1. Clear In Snow Is Perfect, If Well Made

If you are making a recipe that includes snow white, here are some tips: make delicate moves! Always against the ground. In this case, the fork can be used, there will be your choice.

The delicacy also holds for the time to mix the clear to the other ingredients.

6. Finally, The Yeast

As we have taught above, sifting is life! This can serve for yeast as well. Just know that you should not use that yeast that has been in your closet for a long time, as it ages and can end up causing your cake to not grow.

It is also important to know the dosage. If placed too much, it can create bubbles and leave the dough soles and/or heavy.

7. Smear Not To Stick

Imagine doing all these processes right and when you unform, the cake will stick all together. This cannot happen! So do not forget to anoint the shape.

Our indication is that butter is especially used for this. Margarine has more water and less fat, and this can interfere.

7.1. Butter Paper Is An Option

If you notice that your blend will go beyond the boundaries of the shape, using the butter paper can help your cake not to crumble and grow beautifully.

8. Light Beats

After you have done all this step by step and put that lovely mixture into shape, tap it lightly around. This will help to get everything settled and without holes in the mass. After doing this, do not take too long to put the cake to bake.

9. In The Oven: Do Not Open Ahead Of Time!

This moment is decisive! Opening before completing 15 minutes can take all your effort down. Take your time. Wait. After that time, to test the mass, you can use sticks at strategic points of the cake.

The correct one would be two on the sides and one in the center. If the three of you come out clean, congratulations! Your cake is almost ready. Hmmm!

10. Finalization

As the cake will be super cuddly. All care is needed at that time. Do not undo while still warm and allow to cool to room temperature.

Now That You Know The Tips On How To Make The Cake Cute, Follow Our Classic Bonus Recipe To Put All The Tips Into Practice:


  • 3 cups Wheat Flour
  • 3 cups of sugar
  • 2 cups of milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder

Put into practice all the above tips and, to help, these too:

  • Mix butter and sugar well
  • Leave reserved in another container
  • Now beat the Wheat Flour and the eggs together with the prepared mixture, gradually adding the milk, until a homogeneous and/or pasty mixture is formed
  • Put the spoon of yeast and stir a little more

Grease the shape, or position the paper, place in the preheated oven and wait an average time of 15 minutes or until the dough turns golden.
This is a guest contribution by Hemachandiran Kandan