Google Introduced Shoppable Ads on Google Images

Google Introduced Shoppable Ads on Google Images
Following the Instagram and Pinterest business profile pages and shopping ads, Google is introducing another new way of generating conversions.

Yes, the useless (for Google) Google Images platform now will be a benefitting platform for the company as it will directly hit the Pinterest market and content marketers will be able to generate leads on Google's free platform.

Retailers will be able to promote their products on Google images results and they call them "Shoppable Ads" and using some tools, retailers will be able to highlight their products and may highlight product catalog in a single ad unit.

Those ads will appear in Google images results and will act like Product Pins on Pinterest and a fusion of Facebook like tagging. Yes, you will see ads as tags on images in Google image results.

Google will showcase those shoppable ads with a Sponsored tag or an icon of the price tag. This is probably the best way to advertise on images as when someone will hover over the price tag, it will show brand name and price with other information.

See Google Images Shoppable Ads in Actions:
Google Images Shoppable Ads

After seeing the information and price, users will be able to click on their favorite products and they will be redirected to a page where they can actually buy that particular product from its seller.

The feature is in the testing phase and will be rolled out to all the Google images users, for now, they are testing the feature with select retailers and on a small percentage of traffic.

In addition to this new feature, Google is going to introduce Showcase Shopping Ads which will appear in regular search result pages and will help retailers generate more leads.

A recent study by Google shows that over 50% of online buyers are using the images search option and images of products inspire them to buy their favorite products.

So this new addition to Google tools will help retailers easily get leads, conversion and more revenue with fastest growing tech giant "Google".

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