Pinterest Made it Easier for Businesses to Sell Products Online

Pinterest Made it Easier for Businesses to Sell Products Online
Pinterest Marketing is one of the most exciting ways to generate leads, social signals and drive traffic to your eCommerce and content-based websites.

Now it's not just about generating leads or driving traffic through Pinterest, now you can get more sales to have your products promoted in an easier way.

In the expansion of personalized recommendations, Pinterest is on-board to introduce more ways of selling your products and promote them to your targeted audience which is giving Pinterest marketing an edge of success.

From today, all the brands will be able to create groups of their entire product range and create Product Pins on Pinterest which will help them gain more visibility on the platform and get more customers.

With a self-serve ads manager tool, retailers will be able to make shopping ads on Pinterest and users will see personalized items based on what they are searching or pinning about and this is making Pinterest the best shopping destination ever.

Enhancing the shopping experience on Pinterest, the team behind the image-sharing network announced some features and they are:

See a live Demo:

Pinterest Made it Easier for Businesses to Sell Products Online

Shop by brand

Whenever a user will see a Product Pin he/she will be able to see a button "More From (Brand)" and by clicking on this feature the user will see entire catalog of specific brand's products.

This will give small businesses an opportunity to get their business online and drive more sales.

Personalized shopping recommendations

People are searching for ideas and this will never end, as everybody wants to wear something cool and look beautiful or make their homes greater.
Personalized shopping recommendations

So here comes Pinterest Personalized Shopping Recommendations on boards related to:
  • Style and Fashion
  • Home Decoration
  • Beauty Ideas and Tips
  • DIY (do it yourself) Pins
On these boards, users will see in-stock ideas and this will showcase a product range from the interests of the user's saved Pins on Pinterest.


Product groups on Pinterest

Every brand and business can create a full catalog on Pinterest and upload all of their products as Product Pins which will drive more traffic to their websites and also more conversions.

Shopping Ads

Every network whether it's about social networking or eCommerce is using Shopping Ads feature to gain more leads and generate conversions. Now Pinterest is introducing its own Shopping Ads feature in Pinterest's self-serve ads manager tool.

This feature is available to all businesses on Pinterest and everybody can use it.

Shopping search

This is something that you may familiar with as Google also shows shopping search ads and now Pinterest is making changes by making product pins to appear in search results.

These shopping results will appear at the top of the home feed at Pinterest and users will be able to search for their favorite products from around the globe.

So, this is how Pinterest is making your shopping experience on Pinterest cooler than ever before.