The 10 Best Fonts for Resume

The 10 Best Fonts for Resume
What is the best font size for resume writing?

This is probably the first question you will ever think about when you are heading for a job interview, your resume writer or editor will recommend you a few fonts but the choice is yours.

So, to make it easier for you, I have put together the top 10 fonts and text styles that can easily fit in your resume size as it should be relative to your job title and experience that you have.

A nice looking resume can help you get hired and increase your score at interviews, so read about these top 10 fonts for resumes and select yours:

1. Arial

Most of the resumes have been written in Arial sans-serif font and most of the legal documents can be seen in the same font.

Many resume writing services provide you with Arial font and they are 100% sure that interviewers likes to read in Arial font as its easier to read than any other font available. However, according to modern writers, Arial is a boring font and writers should write resumes in other fonts too.

2. Calibri

Another entry from sans-serif fonts, Calibri is replacing Arial and Times New Roman fonts in almost every document editor and most of the admission papers, letters and notifications are being written in Calibri font.

Expert resume writers recommend Calibri font and also the online job portals recommend you to have your resume written in Calibri font for the easy reading experience.

3. Georgia

If you are heading to a tech company or looking to submit virtual resume then the best font for this type of resume is Georgia, as its the most amazing font which is readable in digital screens.

Many publications are using this font type to make their readers stay active on pages and read more of what they are writing, so its good if you use Georgia for resume writing.

4. Cambria

Most of the times resumes have to be written in a way that can make them readable even when printed on small pages and the same resume should be readable at digital screens.

To make an illusion, you should use Cambria font from serif font families and follow the tradition of Microsoft Word that is ruling simple document editing and creations.

5. Garamond

If you are looking to make your resume graceful and you have much experience then you should use Garamond font and make your resume look better.

Garamond typeface is best for resumes that belongs to old persons and the job seekers who have years of experience and wants to make their resume look different.

6. Book Antiqua

This serif-font is easily readable to hiring managers using a screen, as most of the times in today's work arrangements, hiring managers uses digital devices for checking resumes and this font is perfect for them.

So, as it's perfect for them, you should use it for your digital resume and make recruiters easily know the details of your work experience and other data.

7. Didot

Job seekers from fashion-related industries can use Didot font in headings of their resumes as it makes sense for such people and not for others.

Why only for headings? because it is a font that is suitable for bigger font sizes and headings can create a visually appealing resume with Didot font.

8. Helvetica

Helvetica or Neue Haas Grotesk is a sans-serif typeface around from 1957 and typographers call it the modern font for logos and branding materials.

However, it is also the best option for resume writing as its clean and professional font which is available in Mac devices and Windows users can download it from many sources online without paying a penny.

9. Bernard MT

Another great font from serif family is Bernard MT and its good for resumes, founded by British Letter Foundry its a stylish font and can be used for your resume.

With its bold and italic features, you can showcase your experience and highlight the words that should be highlighted for making your resume to be easily readable for recruiters.

10. Trebuchet MS

If you are looking to get out of traditional text styles, you can use Trebuchet font to give a modern look to your resume and make it look a lot more different.

However, for resumes which you are going to send to government organizations and such bodies, this font is not that suitable. You can check above fonts for more convenient resume design.

Resume font size and margins
The font size not should be lower than 10 or bigger than 14 points on any font type. These are the professional and standard size guidelines.

The basic rule for making a professional resume is setting your margins at one inch for all sides and if need you can decrease top and bottom margins a little bit and don't touch the margins at sides.

What is the best font size for a resume?

As per the international standards the best font size for a resume is under the 10 and 14 points.

Do resumes have to have 1 inch margins?

Yes, resumes should have 1 inch margins at top, bottom and left-ride sides, however, the margins at bottom and top can be decreased if needed.

Is 10 point font too small for a resume?

It is fine, 10 point font is good for resumes. However if you think that it will make no sense then you can increase font size up to 14 points but not more than this.

What font size should I use for my Resume?

As we mentioned that font size from 10 to 14 is perfect, you can choose font size of point 12 to be at a safe side and make your resume look decent.

If you still have questions related to resumes and fonts for resumes then ask me in the comments.