Initial Steps to Take Before You Hire a Translation Agency

Initial Steps to Take Before You Hire a Translation Agency
Whether you are a banker, a law practitioner, or a small exporter, you will soon realize the importance of professional translation services and localization and for your business’s growth and success.

When you are ready to hire a Russian to English professional translation service, there are a few initial steps you have to take.

Evaluate the Documents

Keep in mind that you don’t have to translate everything.

You will be able to save money and time if you organize and sort your documents in advance for your Russian - English translation needs.

Identify the Due Date

Prior to calling a translation provider, you have to know the due date when you need your content or documents to be translated.

This will not just help the agency to label your project as a priority. Having a reasonable due date will also allow you to stay away from the unnecessary rush fees.


Online research and word of mouth can do wonders when it comes to professional translation.

Before you narrow down your list of potential agencies and specifically before you hire one, always ask for some references. Look into past work and referrals, specifically for bigger projects.

Going for something cost-effective is not really the best route all the time because sooner or later, the money you will save now will end up being spent on correcting mistakes.

Request for a Quote

After you have done your research, you can now ask for a quote from several agencies.

You need to be specific when it comes to your needs. Your list must only include those agencies that are transparent when it comes to their timetables, pricing, and others.

Be Ready to Share Important Information

When your request for any type of service, it is best to give them as many details as you can. These details will help the team of the company to help you with the best way possible.

Share information like due dates, purpose, and others with the Russian to English professional translation service for the translators to have a clearer idea of what they should do.