10 Quick Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs with Low Budget

10 Quick Startup Ideas for Entrepreneurs with Low Budget
Are you an entrepreneur and having a low budget but looking forward to your first startup?

If yes then these 10 low-cost startup ideas will help you unleash your potential and have a great business which can generate passive income to support your ventures.

As everybody dreams about getting success, money, and fame almost every night and even in the day time, but none of them work for that to make their dreams have a life. If you are one of them and want to break the barrier then you should consider reading this list.

Be inspired by little startups that are now the giants, just like Microsoft which was just another software startup is now the #1 in the market and just like Apple which was just another tech company is now #1 in manufacturing smartphones of today.

Don't forget to read how you can create a great name for your startup as its also an important factor in making your startup a success.

Let's read how you can have your own startup in no or fewer costs:

1. Social Media Management Company

If you can't spend a penny and still wanted to have your own startup, this could be the best ever startup anybody can give you.

That's the heck easier idea for founding your first startup company and it is the most profitable idea too. All you have to do is just set up a group of people who can manage social media accounts like Facebook pages and Twitter profiles or Instagram and Snapchat.

You can also run a social media management firm by your own hands without having a team, but for this, you have to be active at least 12 hours a day and update, optimize and manage social media handles of brands and individuals. The only backlash of this business is competitive agencies and freelancers and also this is the most time-consuming thing for a startup that relies on no investment.

2. Blogging and Vlogging

The word blogging is about what you are reading right now, yes its a blog post and our website is actually a blog for entrepreneurs like you.

This is something that you can have a startup on and create your own empire of blogs or just one blog that is so powerful in the niche of your choosing.

For example, Forbes and Entrepreneur are big magazines, but in reality, they are just blogs with a huge audience and long background and a few services which they are offering.

You can also look at ThriveGlobal and Medium and also the recent blog-turned-news-website "The Huffington Post" example is what can inspire you to create a startup of your own with low-budget and the only requirement is setting a team who can manage your blog/blogs and help you grow (that can cost you).

The same thing goes with Vlogging, it's about creating videos for video-sharing websites like YouTube and also apps like TikTok and others.

There are some great examples of motivational speakers, DIY vloggers, daily life vloggers, food vloggers and also some gamers who upload videos of their gaming strategies and earning thousands of dollars on YouTube.

With the latest apps like TikTok, many youngsters are earning handsome income and you can start making such videos from now without any investment.

3. Local Kitchen or Bakery

Most of the time people have to go to their neighbors and get their food as when your mom is not here, you can't cook and your mom will advise you to not eat at any restaurant but go to your neighbors as she told them to give you some food.

However, that's pretty offensive for so many teenagers, they think that its a shame to ask for food to neighbors and this is the opportunity for you.

As an entrepreneur, you have to resolve issues and that's when you can generate income with a successful startup idea. So if you have passion and can work for it, go and open a kitchen or a bakery which should be traditional, helpful, safe and tasty too.

4. Sell Photos Online

This the era when you can sell everything for a bigger price and be professional in almost every work you can do. Selling photos is something that can make you rich.

Yes, it can, as there are some photographers who are earning thousands of dollars just by clicking photos and uploading them to sites like Shutterstock and when their photos got sold, they get the commission.

This is the same thing which you can do with your smartphone (if it has a great camera) or just buy a DSLR and start exploring your creativity.

As we are talking about startup ideas, you can have a team of other photographers or PhotoShop masters and let's collaborate with them to create your own startup on photography.

5. Website and App Development

This is a huge business for now, and it can be your money generating machine as most of the startups are seeking this kind of help in their first steps.

Yes, as there are hundreds of startups heading towards the market, they are consistently seeking help to improve their reach with apps and website development.

If you can develop mobile apps or websites, you can have your own company in this field and even can create a team to say that you have your startup which is capable of generating high revenue.

You can get more information about this business by exploring some freelancing websites where people are providing these services and many brands are hiring freelancers on short and long-term projects.

6. Organize Paid Meetings

No more events, people don't like to be crowdy, they are looking forward to private meetings and most of the times just a few people can bring money in your pockets.

Yes, just small meetings can bring revenue to you, all you have to do is make contacts with experts in selected industry and then create your startup that is organizing paid meetings of those experts with other entrepreneurs in the same industry.

You can arrange small seminars, events or meetups with a paid ticket plan that can go like $100 to even $5000 per person.

7. Sell Online Courses

If you don't mind talking about your experience and sharing knowledge then its time to cash this mindset and have some dollars in your bank account.

This is a business that can give you respect, the courage to do more and lots of money.

It can be your first startup, as websites like Udemy and others are the companies working in the same industry, they are just connecting teachers to students and generating millions.

You can start your own company by yourself and take a start with creating your own course's website where you can offer paid courses and teach students whatever you can.

8. Voiceover and Transcription

The industry is leading towards a more digital word, and this is a line you can use for almost every industry and market.

In this digital world, a new business is making hundreds of freelancers thousands of dollars on a daily basis and you can be the one who owns a startup business around the same thing.

There are two ways you can create a low-cost startup around voice-over and transcription services. All you have to do is just have someone who can record a voiceover in English (if you can, then it's a plus point) and one person who can write words by listening to them on audio (transcribe audio files) and if you can then its time to take a jump-start.

9. Be A Designer Online

Do you have a passion to paint your thoughts? have your say in design? if yes then you can start making money online by offering your designing services.

And if you can design websites, t-shirts, mugs or even the laptop wallpapers, you can have a great business around your creativeness.

This is something that will never get old and will be the evergreen industry in which you can grow your startup into international business or brand.

10. Co-working Spaces

Last but not the least thing is co-working spaces, yes, this is a new business and taking the market by storms and also a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to have a startup around it.

You can start today by renting your own separate room as a co-working place where like-minded people can join others and collaborate on projects.

On the other hands, you can create a startup around the same idea of co-working spaces and set up a few co-working places around the city you are living in and offer those newbies free guidance and meal so that they will visit your spaces frequently.

You can charge them to meet on some days of week or month and also you can charge them for getting entry into the co-working spaces where you should offer them free high-speed internet and a comfort zone where they can brainstorm for their projects.

So, now you can think which type of startup can be a good choice for yourself and on which business you can give your 100% as startups need dedication, not just the investment.

With these low budget ideas, you can easily build your startup and take it to the next levels. However, if you have any question then let me know in the comments.