10 Tips To Name Your Startup Business

Naming a startup is one of the basic things you have to add in your checklist and always do brainstorming with your team and decide the best one.

Why spend more time searching for a great business name?

because it will have a direct impact on your business' future. It will decide that you can grow or not.
10 Tips To Name Your Startup Business

So, here are top 10 tips to name your startup business so it will not be stuck in a niche and don't break your heart when you think to grow it.

1. Avoid Niche Based Names

Yes, avoiding niche based names can help you easily grow your business to whatever levels you want.

The big example is when you are starting with your business and have a name like "John's Shoes" and after some months you decide to add your clothing line to the business, this is when you have to change your branding and that will impact your shoe business.

That's why you should choose a name like "John's style products" or "John's Fashion Brand" These kinds of names can have huge potential and you can easily add more products and services without changing anything from your branding strategy and name.

2. Find A Remember-able Name

What if someone visits your store (outlet) or website and then forgets about your name?

Is that a good thing?

Definitely not, you have to name your startup with an engaging and easy to remember name and also it should be easy to spell so that nobody will mistakenly go to your competitors.

3. Be Different

People often choose relevantly the same names.

For example I have seen that people are using Sol in digital solution services and Micro word for software houses and ending up changing the names after some months of hard spending on advertising.

As nobody will walk to you when you even don't have your own unique name.

4. Claim Your Name

By claiming your startup company name I am not saying that getting a trademark is enough.

You must consider other platforms and even before getting a trademark you should claim your name on these platforms:
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
And more social media platforms and also get a .com extension domain name for the same name of your startup. If possible then register all top-level TLDs under your name.

5. Get Suggestions

You can ask for suggestions from your family members, your friends and helpers.

They can suggest too and also they can give you more ideas that will help you in finding a realistic name that can have a direct relationship with the offline world.

6. Use Online Tools

For this you can do a little Google search for "name generators" or "domain name generators" and Google will show a number of great and free to use name suggestions tools.

Where you can get an initial idea for your name and get a way to easily brainstorm more names.

7. Don't Choose A Meaningless Name

Very often you can have a list of nice names but they are worth not more than a penny, even not suitable for a small business.

Why? because they are meaningless and nobody will remember them.

You should avoid these names and choose a meaningful name that is saying something related to your business.

8. Make Sure It Sounds Good

While talking to a friend, while sharing ideas with employees and while speaking aloud in a seminar it should sound great.

Don't use dashes and numbers in your name so that it will make sense and become smoother. You should try your best to find a name in the dictionary.

9. Research On Your Selected Name

Don't start claiming it, if you have decided on a name then you must go through a little research.

Just type the name in Google and search whether any other big business is using that same name or not and when nobody from big companies is using that particular name then you have a chance.

10. Get Feedback and Reviews

You can ask your friends, colleagues and other online people to give feedback on your name ideas or an idea and get their reviews.

It will help you in deciding what name is best and why you should use that for your startup business and you can get feedback with paid campaigns too.

So, that's all on how you can name your startup business with easy-to-apply tips and scale your business on the basis of its name. If you want more on this topic then comment below and if you liked this article then share this with your friends and readers!

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