3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use A Broken Smartphone

3 Reasons Why You Should Not Use A Broken Smartphone
There are thousands of people who are still using a broken screen mobile and they are not giving a damn to their own security and the lose they are going to face as broken screen devices can cost you more than you can imagine.

Smartphone repair specialists advise that you should give the device with a broken screen to the service center as soon as possible to avoid potential risks.

Experts warn that if you keep on using a smartphone with a broken screen you may lose the device or have to pay twice for repairing the same device.

Here are three main factors why you should avoid using a broken screen smartphone:
  1. If you do not take any action after the screen crashed, the smartphone may stop responding to touch-functions, because the front panel of the gadget is a touch panel linked with a strip, tempered protective glass and a matrix-technology that shows the picture on the screen.
  2. Together with a broken screen, you may face the risk of a damaging processor of your device, battery, and other components may also get affected, as manufacturers have them at a minimum distance from each other just at the back and above the screen at the front side.
  3. Cracked glass is a great opportunity for water to get to the "inner" units of the smartphone. And water, as is known, is the main enemy of any technology related device.
Experts also shared that you should cover your smartphone with a solid protective glass on the screen and always cover it with a waterproof case which you can easily buy in cheap from your local market.
NOTE: Some experts and people also think that cracked screen radiation can affect your eyes and brain, so you should avoid using such a device.

Can a cracked screen affect your phone?

Yes, it can surely and potentially affect your phone with damages to other hardware and main components as with broken screen water can easily enter into the device and thus there is a high risk of damage to other parts of your smartphone.

Why phones are bad for society?

Well, it depends on various factors like if you are giving a smartphone to a child who is just 2 or 3 years of age, it can harm that kid as the kid can damage the screen of your device and that broken screen can be a risk for your kid. However, in a wider view, phones are not bad for society when used as they should be.

Is shutting down your phone bad?

No, it's not a bad sign. However, when you are feeling ill or you are in depression, you should keep your device on and I advise that you should open an internet browser and watch some motivational or even funny videos to help you gain some strength and boost your energy for feeling well.

Can dropping your phone damage the inside?

Absolutely it can and most of the times dropping your smartphone on a hard surface can damage it and the very first thing you will notice is broken screen or corners of the device will be cracked.

So, from now you should avoid using a smartphone with a broken screen or a screen that have severe scratches as it can lead to an explosion too.

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