Hourly Salary Calculator - annual to hourly wage conversion tool

Hourly salary calculator which you can see right on this page is not just another ordinary calculator, its a fully functional and automatic salary conversion tool which allows you to calculate your weekly and hourly salary by giving data about your annual salary and vacations with week-hours.

This hourly salary calculator will help you to know how much you are currently earning per hour on the basis of your annual income and tell you the exact wages you are enjoying today. The tool shows calculations in $ (dollars) and can be used as an hourly to salary chart.

You can easily change the digits from the first 3 boxes and the tool will calculate the rest of the information as per your numbers. It will show you live calculations without any delay time. I have designed this tool as simple as I can and you can share it with your colleagues and tell them about this great, free and powerful annual to hourly salary calculator that is available online.

Hourly Salary Calculator:

Your Annual Salary:                               $
Weeks Vacation Per Year:
Hours Worked Per Week:
Hours Worked Per Year:

Your Per Week Salary:

Gross (vacation not adjusted):
Net Income (vacation adjusted):

Your Per Hour Salary:

Gross (vacation not adjusted):
Net Income (vacation adjusted):
Some of you may think that an hourly wage calculator is different from other monthly income calculators or the tools which are available online to calculate tax and vacation extras, however, this hourly wage calculator is the one simple solution to your needs and will tell you exactly how much you are earning per hour with or without taking into consideration vacation time.

Telling about your net-income and gross salary, this calculator also shows weekly take-home so that you know how to spend your income and save money if possible.

We will keep on working this page to make sure that this salary calculator hourly is working fine with you, and if you are facing any issue then please understand that you should inform us or comment about the issue and we will resolve that as fast as possible so you will have your paycheck calculations with you. Thanks!