UET Lahore Students Developed The First Telerobotic System

Armughan Sarwar, Muhammad Waseem and Abdullah Humayun from UET Lahore (University of Engineering and Technology) named themselves as the founders of "Telerobotic System" that they developed as a part of their final year project.

These 3 students are from Pakistan and they are in the news because of their latest project which is about manipulating robots to learn things VR glasses that is totally a unique idea in today's technology.

Despite the fact that Pakistan is far behind the technological transformations and achievements, these students helping local industries by their invention as this advanced telerobotic system can perform various tasks in the local industry and small businesses.

Ahsan Naeem (project supervisor) said that their concept was to use virtual robots as the trainers of physical robots using VR technology.
Students from UET Lahore are using 4 different systems and combined them to create an outstanding machine. Those three systems/solutions are:
  1. Robotic manipulator
  2. Virtual reality headset (VR Glasses)
  3. Machine vision system
  4. Central processing unit
So, when you will have this telerobotic system installed you forget the need of a specialist of robots who is making thousands just to check or maintain your robots.

Picture of a telerobotic system by UET students - Lahore
Picture of a telerobotic system by UET students - Lahore

Using VR students were able to modify robotic manipulators and make them learn different tasks, which otherwise is a long process and need too much work on coding, testing and implementing.

So, now if you are looking to teach your physical robot a new task, you just have to take this telerobotic system and teach your physical robot virtually. There will be no need of going to an expert or hiring a coder.

Students are hopeful and claiming that its the first invention of its kind in Pakistan and it will help small business and industries to make use of automation and robotics in making solutions for their work.

The system is created in a way that everybody can use it and make his/her physical robot learn new things from the virtual robot that he/she can control in real-time.

So, what do you think? is this the end of coding for robots? or just another dummy project that has nothing to do in the robotics industry?

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