Key Benefits Of Using The Push Notification Service

Key Benefits Of Using The Push Notification Service
Before discussing the main benefits, it is important to know that these notifications are directly related to the user.

That is, you directly contact the user, who may be your client with some probability. Let's start with the benefits.

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The Power of Push Notification Actions Infographic:

No spam folders

Push notifications do not contain spam folders, which is a very important advantage. Because, as soon as you send a warning to the user, which may contain information about marketing, he or she will see it immediately or as soon as he enters the browser or a convenient time for him in accordance with how you defined it.

In fact, notifications were not found in the hidden folder if we compare this channel with email marketing.

High registration ratio

Registration ratio is the ratio of the number of users to the service, how many times users can connect to the service. That is if the message was shown to 100 users, and only 50 users joined, then the registration ratio is 50%.

High opt-in is an important advantage for you, because the higher your user base, the greater the likelihood that you will attract more customers.

High response rate

The reaction rate or click rate is the number of actual obligations or clicks of users who have already logged into the service, in the amount when they were shown a push message. The response/click rate of instant alerts is 4 times higher than e-mail, and in some industries, this ratio reaches 40%.

Encourage user interaction

There is a difference between sites/applications without push notification services and those who have this option. First, notifications encourage users to interact more actively with your brand, regardless of whether you provide them with important information, a new option, or something else. So they also remember you better.

Customer Service / Customer Retention

Remember: customers who have purchased from you are already loyal customers of your brand and may be purchased from you in the future. When your customers subscribe to a service, you can offer them new products/services, additional products, respond to their requests and much more.

Costs are relatively cheap

Push alerts are usually a cheaper marketing channel than other channels, especially compared to search engine advertising or social media advertising. This can be measured by setting up various organic or online sponsorship campaigns and measuring your costs compared to the number of prospects you receive.

Increase site traffic

Have you published a new article? When you enable the publication of an article, the first people who can read the article are the users connected to this service. very simple.

After you post a video on YouTube, the first person to see is your channel subscribers. Facebook also works this way, and, of course, in other places.

It is, therefore, an important tool, especially if you are posting articles and other information on your website and looking to increase traffic.

Outstanding features when using the push notification option

There are many opportunities for push notifications that characterize the marketing channel compared to other channels, and additional services offered that can be performed, including third-party interface, data analysis, and more. Here are some features:

Personal setting

If you identify your users, you can simply configure them with custom push notifications. Like an email marketing campaign.


Interaction with other third-party systems for such purposes as CRM-systems, analytical systems (for example, Google Analytics), content management systems and much more.

A/B Testing

A/B tests allow us to send different messages to two groups of users to find out which message is better results, thereby learning more about users.


Analysis tools are very important in this part, with the help of the tool you can get all the information about your users. How many people are connected with browsers, country, operating system, IP address, language, reaction coefficient, and other important information?

Import and export

Users can be imported and exported between different systems without losing user registration.

Segmentation and targeting

You can easily segment your target audience and send them targeted messages.


You can send messages immediately or convenient for them. Clients can also receive messages according to the time zone in their location.


Usually, maintenance does not require large resources, so alerts appear easily and quickly, without delay.


If any condition is met, perform the action. That is, thanks to automation, you can save work and optimize the system.