How Much Do YouTubers Make in 2022 and How They Do It?

How Much Do YouTubers Make (updated answers)
How much money do YouTubers really make? and how they are making that much money?

Today, I am here to reveal everything with exact answers and real examples of top and famous YouTubers, you will get to know that how much you will earn and what are the hot YouTube niches.

As there is a YouTub Star for almost every topic, as you are watching videos on a daily basis, you can discover another great YouTuber with millions of followers and billion hours of watch time every day.

First of all, we have to look at the overall worth of 10 top YouTubers and that's right below.

YouTuber Name Channel Name Earnings / Net Worth
1. Ryan Kaji Ryan ToysReview $26 million
2. Tyler Toney Dude Perfect $22 million
3. Like Nastya Anastasia Radzinskaya $17 million
4. Logan Paul Logan Paul $13.1 million
5. Mark Fischbach PewDiePie $13 million
6. Felix Kjellberg Full Alternative $12 million
7. Jake Paul Jake Paul $11.5 million
8. Daniel Middleton DanTDM $12 million
9. Anthony Padilla Smosh $11 million
10. Evan Fong VanossGaming $10.5 million

So, this is the estimate of how much do YouTubers make in one year and their net worth featuring the real 10 most subscribed YouTube channels 2022 which are making their owners millions every year.

From the above youtuber earnings list you can check that most of the channels are about games, funny things and interesting stories from the lives of the vloggers.

However, one channel which is about Toys Reviews is the real golden niche for every parent, as its the easiest thing which you can capture and make money on YouTube. All you have to do is just buy some toys for your kids and make them check that toys in a way that is interesting to watch. That's how Ryan ToysReview is able to earn $11 million just with videos of reviewing toys and playing with them.

How Much A YouTuber Can Make?

It depends on various factors, a YouTuber can make 100 dollars per month and another may generate 100 dollars per day.

The very first thing which makes a huge difference is the niche of your video content and here are the top 10 YouTube niches:
  1. Gaming (live gaming videos and hacks)
  2. Lifehacks (solution based videos)
  3. Celebrity gossip (viral stories)
  4. News
  5. Top 10 lists
  6. Compilations of people’s fails (funny videos)
  7. Food reviews and kitchen hacks
  8. Product unwrapping/reviews
  9. How to guides
  10. Animal activities
  11. Spoof
  12. Pranks
As these are the top ranked niches for making money on YouTube, you have to choose your best niche and the topic on which you can create at least 3 videos per week and join the list of richest youtubers.

Your subscribers will need you to upload new videos on relative topics and thus YouTube ranks you above the trending videos, keyword-based rankings and more pages like related videos as you can see in the sidebar (below the video on mobile) at the sidebar.

Why these are the top niches?

Because there are two main factors that contribute to your final YouTube earnings and these are:
  1. CPC: Cost per click
  2. CPM: Cost per thousand impressions
For most of the videos, CPC contributes to the final earnings and there is much difference between CPM and CPC earnings.

In simple words, CPC is when someone clicks on the ads running on your videos and CPM is when you earn after completing 1000 video-views.

So, if your videos are engaging and people tend to come to your videos on Youtube more than often, you are most likely to generate much revenue from CPM ads that run on your Youtube videos.

On the other hands, if you are targeting CPC-based keywords and talking about a business, you may get more clicks on ads and the CPC ads will contribute to your final earnings that is the best way to make huge money on YouTube.

How much do YouTubers really make?

An average YouTuber with 1 million+ subscribers is capable of earning $5,000 per month. However, there are many professional YouTubers with less than 100K subscribers who are still earning more than $1k per month with sponsored content and brand mentions.

There's no magic formula to earn $5k+ from YouTube every month, it depends on various factors such as your videos engagement, the number of ads running on your videos, events and also the locations of your viewers and your selected niche.

How much do small Youtubers make?

A YouTubers Graph
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Usually, people search about how much money do YouTubers make and who is the biggest YouTuber, but, some of you also ask about how much do small Youtubers make? and our answer is simple:

The smallest YouTuber can earn as low as $100 a month as Google-owned YouTube is working with Google's Adsense network to compensate its creators and thus, Google Adsense pays a minimum amount of $100 to publishers.

So, if you ask the same questions again, the answer is the small Youtubers make more than $100 every month.

How much do YouTubers make per view

If you ask me how much does youtube pay per view then I will say "It depends" on CPM (cost per mile) or RPM (revenue per mile). For example: If you are earning $10 CPM then your per view earnings will be $0.01. Yes, you are earning 1 penny per view.

However, there will be some clicks and long-video-ad views and for that, your earning may get lower or higher. So, in an actual state, we can't say how much does a YouTuber makes per view.

How much do YouTubers make every 1000 views?

This is a CPM factor, you may get paid $10 per 100 views or $1 per 1000 views. You may also be able to earn up to $50 per thousand video views.

As I said, it depends on your niche and content length, you have to choose high CPC keywords and topics with high numbers of advertising competition. This type of content will help you achieve the highest CPM rates and increase your chances of earning $50 per 1000 views.

How much do YouTubers make for 1 million views?

Like there is not a real YouTube earning calculator which can actually tell you how much money a YouTuber will make with 1 million views, we can try and estimate the earnings. Like we do with 1 view and 100 views, the same formula can be applied to calculate earnings for 1 million views.

However, to help you get an idea, with 1 million subscribers you will probably earn $5,000 to $30,000 and it depends on your niche, viewers locations and much more.

How much do YouTubers make per video

After getting your YouTube partnership enabled, you can make money on every video you upload (if it's your own content). However, to answer how much money does a YouTuber make per video is hard as it depends on so many different factors even if you are a small YouTuber or just starting.

Like, the keywords you are using in the title or description of your video, the length of your video, views, and watch time of your video and also from where around the globe people are watching your video.

How much does Youtube Pay?

There's no limit, you can earn as much as you want, as YouTube is using Google's publisher advertising solution for publishers "Adsense" to compensate its creators, the possibility to earn money on YouTube is endless.

A YouTuber can earn as much as he/she wants and there is no limit on uploading videos, getting views or showing ads. So if you say that how much does YouTube really pays, I'll reply that it is about your content, you can earn $1 a day or $1000 a day (it's your hard and smart work that decides that how much you are going to earn via YouTube).

How much does youtube pay per subscriber?

Currently, YouTube is not paying you per subscribers, it is a wrong concept. If you are thinking that YouTube will pay you to increase your subscribers than its totally a wrong idea.

However, as your subscribers increase, the chances of getting more views on your next uploads also increase, so indirectly you can get pay per Subscriber and that's not like YouTube is paying per subscriber, it is the subscriber itself who is watching your videos is making you money.

How much does a YouTuber make?

Well, there was days when YouTubers was not that successful to make money with their channels, however, things has been changed. Now there are many different ways which most of the YouTubers can adopt to make an handsome income even without showing ads on videos.

Platforms like FameBit which is a YouTube influencer marketing platform and created officially from YouTube is capable to connect brands with YouTubers and so the content creators can earn more money.

On the other hands, an average YouTuber with at-least 5K followers can easily earn $100+ for every sponsored video just by talking about a product, service or event.

What Is An Average YouTuber Salary?

The average YouTuber salary is not yet calculated by any agency or even by YouTube itself. But, we can estimate it and according to my experience and studies, the average YouTuber salary is $500/month.

I am talking about the YouTubers who are active on the platform and have a niche on which they are uploading at least 2 videos per week. With a minimum of 10 thousand subscribers and at least 50 videos, an average YouTuber is earning at least $500 per month which is 6000 dollars a year.

How much is 1 billion YouTube views worth?

If you want to be a millionaire just with one hit video, you are good to follow Psy the Gangnam Style singer whos song make him become a millionaire. With 900 million views the one song made Psy about $870,000, according to AV Club and he is now a millionaire with just one hit video on YouTube.

How Much Do Youtubers Make a Year

With a sample Youtube channel in mind on personal finance niche and having 1,000 subscribers and daily 500 to 2K video views from USA or UAE, a Youtuber may earn $1k to $3k or more if he/she get sponsors that can be attracted with quality videos. This is a sample earning calculation for a Youtube channel over 12 month period of running all types of ads with an increase in video views or at least stability in daily views and viewers should be engaged with the videos.

A Video on How to Actually Earn Money on YouTube:

This was my answer for a little question "How Much Do YouTubers Make?".

If you have anything more in your mind then let me know in the comments section and I will answer you with as much accuracy as possible.
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