Google Broad Core Algorithm Update - Facts and Recovering Tips

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update - Facts and Recovering Tips
Just a few days ago Google (for the first time ever) announced an algorithm update for providing quality content to the Google users and making huge changes in the SERPs (search result pages).

As it was the first time Google announces a broad core algorithmic update, search engine marketers and bloggers (content marketers) were curious to know what will happen, here's what Google shared with them:
Google Broad Core Algorithm Update - Facts and Recovering Tips

After that, Google started vanishing some websites and this time many big players got a hit, I have seen most of the best and famous bloggers got a solid hit by this update and even some big news publishers too.

Check below SEMrush ranking screenshot for ShoutMeLoud:

Now check the DailyMail ranking chart:

As you can see, ShoutMeLoud which is a famous blog about entrepreneurship is managing to improve its rankings, while the big news publisher "DailyMail" is not able to recover from this Google update.

Google released this update to make the new-sites come up and show more content to the users, they are looking to provide more data to people with different websites (Domain Diversity Update). As you have seen for so many queries, we get to same-domain search results, now you will see the top 10 results from different domains.

This is a sign that Google is giving space to more websites/blogs and want more fresh content that is the need of its users. However, still, content marketers are not sure what was the real reason behind this big Google update.

Google Update Facts:

  • This was a big update and nobody was at the safe side on Google SERPs
  • Google's June Core update was not for any specific niche or type of sites
  • Google’s John Mueller also confirmed that it was a wide-scope update
  • With this update, your site quality doesn't really matter a lot, what matters is your content

How to recover from Google update:

There's nothing specific action for this core update as Google and many SEO experts suggested that we should wait for at least a few days to see if our sites get back to the track.
The only way to recover from Domain Diversity and Broad Core updates is to create and publish high quality (unique) content.
However, as it was a planned and wide-scope update and many high authority websites got its hit, we have to really dig deep and know why our websites are not suitable for higher rankings and why our competitors are now ranking higher than us.

Here's what Google says on fixing site issue after June algorithm update:
Google Broad Core Algorithm Update - Facts and Recovering Tips

This was an old tweet but applies to this update too. As Google has to give a spot to other great content creators and they can't make them stay at the 2nd page when they are showing results from the same websites for multiple times.

So, this week was about Google Broad Core and Domain Diversity Updates, if you are facing a sudden 50% drop in your traffic and Google rankings then don't worry, now you have to publish more quality content and focus on readers.

Stay blessed!