Self Tanners Are Not Always to Blame for Poor Results

Self Tanners Are Not Always to Blame for Poor Results
Not everyone has the time to be able to soak up the sun for several hours a day, nor do they want to run the risks that can come with this.

There is a better solution, which is self tanners. However, not all self tanners are the same, nor will they all bring the desired results.

In many cases, the lack of desired results is not because of the quality of the self tanning products but because of common mistakes that are made regarding the product.

Preparing Your Skin

One of the mistakes that a lot of people make when it comes to using self tanners is not preparing their skin. This type of product tends to be absorbed by dry skin. When it does, it could leave dark uneven patches on the skin, making it look unnatural.

When this happens, then the user will often blame the product. The solution is to gently exfoliate the skin first. Paying particular attention to areas of the skin that tend to dry out more quickly than other areas such as:
  • Knees
  • Elbows
  • Ankles
  • Heels
When it comes to exfoliating the skin, the proper cleansing products should first be used, followed by a gentle exfoliator along with a skin brush to help slough off the dead skin. Keep in mind that you do not want to use any oil based products for your exfoliation. This will leave a residue on the skin that will cause the self tanner to streak.

The next step is to make sure that your skin is completely dry. Then determine if you need a small amount of moisturizer to hydrate those areas where you had to focus on exfoliating, including your face. If you don`t do this, there is a possibility that the self tanner you use will take on an orange tinge to it. Choose the moisturizer carefully as this should be a light lotion and not a cream.

Choosing the Right Self Tanner

Choosing the right self tanner can be a little overwhelming because there are so many to choose from. By first understanding the different types it will help you to make a more informed decision.

Gradual Tanning:

With these types of tanning products, the process of achieving that golden glow to the skin transpires over a series of a few days. The application of the product allows it to build up.

Self Tanners Lotions:

For those that want more immediate results, then the self tanners will usually produce results within six to eight hours after application. The key to success with this type of self tanner is even application and ensuring that no spots are missed.

Self Tanner Mists:

The advantage of this type of tanning product is that it is easier to get at spots that are hard to get. Such as the back and the back of the legs.

Self Tanning Towelettes:

Many of these are designed either for the face or the body.  For those who want just a light tan and a glow to the skin, they may favor these.

Self Tanning Mousse:

The advantages of using the mousse is a thicker and darker coverage. Some like to apply this with a mitt. Many find that they have less streaking and better coverage with the mousse.

Self Tanner Serum:

For those who just want to give their face that sun-touched look then a self tanning serum may be the best choice.  They are a lighter formula and easier to apply.

Self Tanner Drops:

This is a concentrated version of a self tanner. A few drops can be added to your regular moisturizer or even a body lotion if that is your preference. This is a quick and easy way of being able to self tan daily.

Self Tanner Oil:

Another option for using a self tanner is with your regular moisturizing products. These are normally applied the night before with the use of your choice of moisturizer. The coloring takes place during the sleep hours, and many are most pleased to discover they have a light tan in the morning.

Self Tanning Water:

This goes on clear, but within a few hours the skin begins to darken as if the body has been exposed to just the right amount of sun.

The Proper Application

Every product will come with its own specific directions for application. It is extremely important that these are followed exactly. If they aren`t, then this is where problems can arise with this type of product.

A good quality tanning brand such as MineTan will come with detailed instructions as to how to apply the mousse to achieve the desired results.

This particular self tanning product or gradual tan lotion is ideal for those who want an immediate tanned look which can be enjoyed within an hour. It works equally well for all skin tones. What makes this the right choice is that it is ideal for those who want the darkest tan possible.