The 10 Best App Locks For Android Devices in 2023

The 10 Best App Locks For Android Devices in 2022
App locks are one of the best security apps available for locking your apps in Android devices and keeping your personal information safe.

It prevents others from unauthorized access to your phone or specific apps. You can lock your apps using a pin, password, or fingerprint.

If you don’t find it necessary to lock your entire phone and want to lock a few apps such as contacts, inbox, gallery, videos, etc then this list of the best apps for you will help you to prevent others from uninstalling apps from your phone which is great because kids these days usually mess up the setting of our phones and uninstall many important apps.

Now I am going to tell you about the Top 10 best Applocks to secure your Android device in 2023.

Best App Lockers 2023 are as under:

  1. Applock-Pin and Pattern Lock (Hyper speed)
  2. AppLocker (by BGNmobi)
  3. Applock (by Do mobile)
  4. Applock (by IVY mobile)
  5. Smart Applock
  6. Applock (by Lucky mobile)
  7. Applock (by Go Apps)
  8. Applock (by Gomo Apps)
  9. Applock (by Nevways)
  10. AppLock & Photo Vault, Hide Photos - Security Plus
Now read about these top 10 best app lockers for android in 2023 in details, right below:

1. Applock-Pin and Pattern Lock (Hyper speed)

best app locks for android
Applock is one of the most famous app locks among android users.

It has over 10 million users. It is not only helpful in protecting your files and data it also protects your phone. It protects your phone with an applock facility and a break-in alert with the help of intruder’s selfie which is captured by the phone automatically if someone puts a wrong pin and uses a wrong pattern to access the phone or apps.

It also hides the app locker by hiding the app lock icon. It has a disguise lock and high-security feature as well. It is very easy to use. It has also an amazing characteristic of cleaning junk files and APK files from a phone which fills up your phone space.

2. AppLocker (by BGNmobi)

best security app for android
If you are looking for an applock with multiple security options then you are at the right place. It has the option to keep your apps locked with a password, pin code or a fingerprint lock.

Applocker is a fantastic app to keep your private data safe. There is no need to worry if someone borrows your phone and see your data because the Applocker is a pretty good app to keep your files, gallery, and social media apps safe.

The best part is that you can select your favorite theme of you for the app.

3. Applock (by Domobile Lab)

free applock app for android devices
The Applock by Domobile lab is the most downloaded app on Google play store.

It has the option of password, pattern and fingerprint lock. You can protect your data with the help of these features. It has an invisible pattern lock so there is no chance that people peeping the pin or pattern can access your apps later.

It can also lock specific pictures and images from your gallery which can be accessed through a password only and are kept in separate images and videos vault. It ensures the security by app lock, location lock, and incoming call block.
A user can opt for a customized theme as per his/her like. You can also have In-App purchases and can have the ad-free version of this app.

4. Applock (by IVY mobile)

top applock app for android smartphones
This Applock offers amazing features for keeping your phone and private information safe from intruders.

It uses password an invisible pattern and random keyboard features which are helpful if you are in a crowd and trying to access a specific app and don’t want others to know about your password. It can lock social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and snap chat, twitter, WeChat, Instagram, IMO and many more.

It also protects system apps like gallery, videos, contacts, settings, inbox, play store, etc. It has an amazing feature that prevents the uninstalling of the apps. It takes a very low memory as its download size is 6.09 MBs.

5. Smart Applock

free app locker for android
Smart app lock is a great app to lock your social media and system apps.

It has a very elegant, light and professional interface. The simple layout is quite easy to use. It has the feature of password and fingerprint lock which is only supported by advanced and Samsung or android (6.0) devices. It protects your privacy from getting leaked. It can lock markets that help prevent kids from purchasing In-app purchases.

The best thing is you can have any custom theme for lock screen and background light as every individual has his preferences for themes. It takes a picture of a person if someone tries to unlock your app with an invalid password.

6. Applock (by lucky mobile)

great app lock app for android os
Applock by lucky mobile is a very popular app on the Google Play store.

The main features are the pattern, password and fingerprint support. You can protect your data with the help of these features. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface. This Applock can lock social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

You can protect your system apps like Contacts, SMS, Gallery, Videos, Email, etc with the help of this Applock. It can also lock Android pay apps like Android Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, etc.

This Applock can also lock all third-party apps like Gmail, YouTube, games, and many more. It provides complete privacy.

7. Applock (by Go Apps)

all in one app lock for android
Applock by Go apps is another popular app on Google play.

You can lock your applications with the help of a pin or lock pattern. This application contains advertisements. It provides different protection modes and customization options.

I think it is a powerful and strong Applock for your device.

8. Applock (by Gomo Apps)

extra security app locker for android with more features
Applock (by Go apps) is amazing free lock software downloaded by over ten million users.

This Applock protects your privacy with the help of private vault, safe lock screen and hides icon. It contains ads and offers in-app purchases.

This Applock can lock Facebook, Snap chat, WhatsApp, SMS, Photos and many more.

9. Applock (by Nevways)

mobile app locker for android
Applock (by Nev ways) is the top downloaded app on Google play.

It is a simple key lock and locks apps with the help of password lock, pattern lock, or fingerprint lock. It offers a customized background along with a simple and amazing interface. It also provides video vault and a photo vault that can hide your videos and pictures.

This Applock can also block incoming calls and new apps.

10. AppLock and Photo Vault, Hide Photos - Security Plus

vault the best security app for android
Applocker and video vault are one of the best applocks on Google Play. You can lock your apps, pictures, videos with the help of a pin, pattern knock code, and fingerprint apps lock. It has an amazing UI design.

If someone tries to unlock your phone, it sends an automatic Email along with an intruder selfie. Applock can lock incoming calls, lock gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts, Email, Chat, and many more.


These are the absolute best App Locks for Android devices accessible on the Play store.

Cell phones have turned into an inborn piece of our life that is the reason for keeping it protected and away from curious individuals is our need.

This is my list of Top 10 best Applocks of 2020.

Which one do you like the most?