Essential Oil Benefits

Essential Oil Benefits
As many already know, essential oils are often used in aromatherapy as a beneficial alternative medicine.

Essential oils are the compounds that are extracted from plants. The oil perfectly captures the plant's natural scent - also known as its essence.

The compounds contained in each plant are what provides each essential oil with its very own characteristic essence. Essential oils are also typically used through inhalation, and many can be rubbed onto the skin when diluted.

The chemicals found in each essential oil can interact with the body in a number of different ways.

When used topically the skin readily absorbs the oil and when they have inhaled the essential oils you use can effectively stimulate different areas of the body's limbic system.

This is the part of the brain that plays a vital role in our emotions, behavior, sense of smell, and even long-term memory.

What Is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that has been used for centuries to safely and effectively treat a number of different ailments.

Essential oils have been found to help balance out hormone levels, heal digestive disorders, as well as significantly reduce the symptoms associated with depression and anxiety.

When selecting essential oils to use in your aromatherapy treatments, you want to be sure to select only pure and natural oils. Essential oils that contain synthetic chemicals or other additives will prove to be less effective.

Health Benefits of Essential Oils

There are over 90 different types of essential oils available today.

Every oil has its own unique smell, characteristics, and list of health benefits. Many studies regarding aromatherapy have been positive and show that the use of essential oils can be a complementary therapy for those looking to treat anxiety or stress.

Improve Your Mood

The scent is definitely a powerful stimulus and can be used to trigger an emotional response.

When you inhale essential oils, the brain signals emotions that can leave you feeling more energized, optimistic, and cheerful.

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of these mood-enhancing essential oils that act as a natural stimulant to help wake you up in the morning and regain that focus you need to get through your day.

Rosemary essential oil is another one of these oils that can create a more positive atmosphere while also effectively reducing your stress levels.

Promotes Relaxation and Sleep

Another one of the biggest benefits of essential oils is what it can do to help improve your sleep and promote relaxation.

When using essential oils, for this reason, you can apply them topically on emotional trigger points of the body, including the elbow and behind the ears. They can also be inhaled and added to bathwater or a diffuser.

Lavender essential oil is one of the more common and most popular essential oils used for sleep or relaxation. It has also been shown to help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Bergamot essential oil is another natural anxiety remedy that encourages relaxation and can even help lower blood pressure or heart rate. It can slow down rapid breathing patterns during more stressful times.

Reduces Inflammation

Certain essential oils also have the ability to help combat inflammation.

Many oils have very powerful anti-inflammatory properties, so when they are applied topically to the skin with a carrier oil can be effective at reducing inflammation and even irritation.

Tea Tree essential oil not only helps treat any inflammation you may be experiencing, but it can also help with any redness and irritation there may be as well. It is also beneficial for treating acne.

Thyme essential oil is a very potent oil with anti-inflammatory properties and can even help reduce respiratory inflammation when used in aromatherapy through inhalation.

Offers Pain Relief

Aromatherapy and essential oils can also be used to help reduce pain.

Since these oils are so readily absorbed through the skin, they can begin working almost quickly. If you suffer from headaches or migraines, then lavender and rosemary essential oils can reduce their occurrence when rubbed directly onto the temples. Inhalation also offers quick relief.

Helichrysum essential oil can help with the pain associated with damaged muscle tissues and other health conditions like fibromyalgia. For fast relief for pain, you are experiencing in your muscles, joints, and tendons, then ginger and frankincense are good choices. They can help also help with arthritis pain.

Boosts the Immune System

You will also find that many essential oils have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties in addition to being great anti-inflammatories.

Therefore, aromatherapy can help provide you with a good boost for the immune system because as the oils are inhaled, they are quickly absorbed into your bloodstream.

Clove essential oil and oregano oil are two essential oils that can help boost the immune system while helping with any current infections you may be experiencing.

Heals Skin Problems

Due to their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, many essential oils are effective at healing skin irritations.

When applied topically, they are more readily absorbed into the skin tissue to promote healing and wellness and even help you with taking care of stretch marks after pregnancy.

Lemongrass essential oil is often used as a facial astringent to help with acne and can even reduce the appearance of larger pores.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many benefits associated with using essential oils around the home.

It offers a safe and effective way to begin to heal your body and mind naturally and is an alternative treatment that has been used for centuries to treat a number of different ailments.

If you are new to the world of essential oils and aromatherapy but want to dip your toes in, you should consider purchasing a nebulizing diffuser to use in the home so you can see how beneficial it can be for your health.

Nebulizing diffusers do not use any heat or water to work, so you will be exposed to the pure and natural essential oils that have not been diluted or compromised in any way.

It is an easy way to start discovering which essential oils will work best for you and will show you how beneficial aromatherapy can be for your life.