Top 10 FaceApp Alternatives with More Features

Top 10 FaceApp Alternatives with More Features

If you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or some other social networks that give you a chance to share photographs, you may have seen the name FaceApp … or if nothing else saw some frightening photographs of individuals transformed into more youthful and older forms of themselves.

I enjoy using this application.

In case you are interested in how you will look like when you grow older, I suggest to use FaceApp. 

I have seen the gossipy tidbits about faceapp taking pictures and storing data, yet I don't trust them because there is not much evidence in any case of information leaks. I at first downloaded this for the old face channel that everybody continues utilizing as an image yet I additionally discovered it's a decent sexual orientation swap application.

You are getting somewhat exhausted of what you see in the mirror each morning however try not stress because I am here with ten applications to make you look funny and get you laughing.

Here are 10 of them:

Alternatives of FaceApp

Main alternatives of FaceApp are as under:
  1. Portrait Pro
  2. FaceSwapper
  3. Oldify
  4. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor
  5. Snap chat
  6. Snow
  7. You cam Make up
  8. Reflect - Face change
  9. Meitu
  10. MSQRD 
  11. Portrait by

FaceApp Alternative No 1. PortraitPro   

PortraitPro is the world's top of the line software. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence, PortraitPro improves each part of a picture for amazing outcomes. It has won Editors choice award. Regular appearance results are simpler than at any time in recent memory. It makes complex skin altering with little complaint. It uses PP as a smart filter. This is perhaps the best editing software available online. It is simple and extremely instinctive. From the emotional change to the discreet retouch, the sky is the limit.

It is an excellent facial retouching software. I would say more than a touch-up application. It’s fun to use and you can create custom presets with your favorite tools, allowing you to edit images with just a few clicks. I personally like its set of photo editing tools.

Very impressed by what PortraitPro offers and what I could achieve with my first attempt with the software. Economic software that can do miracles for your portraits. All in a few minutes. The main benefit for me is unparalleled time-saving. The results that would have taken hours to generate with traditional software, can be achieved in just 10 minutes with PortraitPro.  I would say great possibilities for creativity.

FaceApp Alternative No 2. Face Swapper

Face Swapper by Icons8 is a fun tool that lets you swap faces in photos with just a few clicks. Basically, you can take a picture of yourself and your friend, or anyone really, and then use the app to switch your faces.

You know those hilarious pictures where someone's face is swapped with a celebrity or a cute animal? Well, with Face Swapper, you can create those too! It's perfect for playing pranks on your friends or just having a good laugh.

Using the app is really simple. You just need to upload the photos you want to swap, select the faces you want to switch, and let the app do its thing. It's pretty smart and does a great job of blending the faces seamlessly, so it looks like the swap is real. It supports images with a file size of up to 5 MB and faces with dimensions of up to 1024x1024 pixels. When you use Face Swapper, the resulting images will have the same size and quality as the original photo. So, you don't have to worry about losing any details or compromising the overall image quality. It's a convenient feature that ensures your edited photos look just as good as the source image.

Face Swapper is available online and for iOS devices. You can access it through your web browser or download the app and start swapping faces right away.

Face Swapper

FaceApp Alternative No 3. Oldify

Oldify is another magnificent FaceApp alternative which carries out the responsibility well.

It enables you to take pictures from the future concerning how you will look when you grow old. This is very funny.  You will laugh a lot with this one. I recommend getting a clear picture to play. This application can be a little uncomfortable at times as to which images you choose. Lots and lots of fun though.

I spent a good night of family games, with a little application time.
I would recommend this application for any age so have fun with it.

FaceApp Alternative No 4. Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Like different applications in the rundown, face changer photo editor is another option.

You just upload photo from your gallery or take a selfie then select older you will get older version of yourself. If you select younger you will get a younger version of yourself. You can change your gender add smile or change hairstyles.

Note that the Face Changer application is only accessible on Android.

FaceApp Alternative No 5. Snap Chat

I love SnapChat app.

Especially the filters of SnapChat that make me look so amazing, talented, unique and wonderful. I like how I can see people's stories (just like Instagram Stories) or skip them if I want.

It loads very fast as compared to other apps. And I like the option that I can save my photos in my device. I also like how we can create our bitmoji and we can make it look just like ourselves.

If you have two friends that have the same name but do not know which one you are adding to, the bitmoji can help you. It is also super easy to add people to it.

The new Snapchat update is idiotic, overwhelming and confusing. This new update stinks and many people complain about it. I know Snapchat's experts were just trying to improve it, but this time you destroyed it.

I enjoyed having my accounts and my closest companions / separate stripes instead of together. I did not have my updates scheduled at the same time, for unknown reasons, my snapchat was still updated. In any case, I am aware of certain individuals who have not yet been influenced by the new Snapchat update. Good luck to them.

Snapchat is my favorite application. I use it more than some other person to person communication application and I adore it, yet I don't like this new update.

FaceApp Alternative No 6. Snow App

I have always shot with this application and I have been seeing what an old me looks like (better, bold or odd), it makes my selfies much more fun and interesting, and I think that FaceApp is one of the best mobile apps to make you look old or young, but this app can do wonders too.

It has a lot of great filters and its very fun to play, especially with its aging filter because sometimes I'm curious about how I will look when I grow up.

FaceApp Alternative No 7. You Cam Makeup

You cam makeup is all in one selfie and photo editor. This is a new beauty makeover application, everything is about to improve your selfies game.

It is a digital makeup application that allows you to choose between what hundreds of beauty products look like to create a personalized virtual appearance. Think of it as makeup filters that you can customize and layer, as well as photo enhancement options. This application has many options like lip color, eyeliner, mascara, blush, base, eye shadow, etc.

Along with this comes with different filters. Tired of the same look? It is perfect to try different styles to see which one best suits your personality. In general, I think this is a very good application. Try it!

FaceApp Alternative No 8. Reflect - Face change

Reflect is an automated web exchange application that is based on automatic learning. Whether a human face, a statue or even a caricature, Reflect can exchange faces without problems. FaceApp is not available as a mobile application.

FaceApp Alternative No 9. Meitu App

Meitu is a china-based picture editing application available for both iOS and Android.  It creates the application to provide tools for editing photos. Whether filters, touch-ups, collages, scenes, frames and photos, Meitu has everything to satisfy you.

FaceApp Alternative No 10. Aging Booth

Aging Booth has a very limited appeal. You will be fed up with that in less than a day. The worst thing about this application is the permits it requires and the uncertainty about what they do with the images you upload. It would just add wrinkles to your face and doesn't do anything else. So don’t download this application.

FaceApp Alternative No 11. Portrait by

This is a photo-editing application that allows users to create selfies and extraordinary and stylish portraits instantly. Available for iOS devices such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus and above iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 4 and above, this application is equipped with unique filters ranging from double exposure, over color to mixed effects.


So that was my quick look at the best FaceApp alternatives available for both Android and iOS devices.

While FaceApp is unquestionable carries more highlights to the table, the choices are not all that terrible either.

Be that as it may, experience the various applications and see which one do you like the most.