GTA 6 Game: Players Will See The "Vice City" Again

GTA 6 Game: Players Will See The "Vice City" Again
GTA 6 update is under development - this was reported last spring by 3D designer Michael Bibin today and many news sources covered this great news for the GTA lovers. It became known that the game will unfold in a fictional city, which gamers remember the legendary GTA: Vice City, released in 2002 and it was a success for Rockstar games.

One of the users of the Reddit under the user-name JackOLantern1982 revealed some detailed information about the future GTA game update. According to him:
The information came from friends who worked at Kotaku and PC Gamer. In addition, his other friend is currently working at Rockstar and has not denied such a rumor about GTA 6.
According to the enthusiast, this game is being developed since 2012, just a year before the release of GTA V.

The game takes place in the familiar past game of sunny Vice City in the 1970s and 1980s. last century, as well as a new city that resembles Rio de Janeiro. After that, according to the storyline, the players are transferred to Liberty City.

It is reported that Ricardo - the protagonist of GTA 6, will be in the city, made on the basis of Rio de Janeiro, will spend some of the time in the well-known two parts of GTA Liberty City and will try to build his own drug empire in the GTA 6 update. In general, the storyline looks similar to Netflix’s recent Narco web-series. The plot of the game is not inferior to the cool action movie in the spirit of "Scarface." The player will not be given the opportunity to carry around an entire arsenal of weapons and, as they say, it can be stored in the trunk of a car. Game developers are striving to do everything in order to convey in detail the climate change, the constantly changing environment.

Presumably, this is Ricardo Diaz, one of the antagonists of GTA Vice City, who was killed by the protagonist of that game Tommy Vercetti.

An important detail is that in the game gamers will see a young Martin Madrazo from GTA 5, for whose family you need to complete a number of tasks.

There are some rumors that the GTA 6 will come out in August 2020 and still there's no official announcement. However, people are asking that what year is GTA 6 coming out and we have not an exact answer to this most asked question by the GTA lovers. As GTA 6 release date is not confirmed yet, there are some leaked details and some news sources say that it GTA 6 PS4 version will come first and there will be a free download option too.