FaceApp became the Most Downloaded App in the App Store

FaceApp became the Most Downloaded App in the App Store
FaceApp AI-powered photo editing app becomes most downloaded in the world on iOS AppStore and for many areas it is on top in Free apps at Android Play Store.

This was announced by the founder of the popular visual editor Jaroslav Goncharov on his page on Facebook.

“Today, FaceApp is the first among all free iPhone applications and games in 154 countries out of 155!” He said.

Previously, “Moika 78 (a russion news website)” wrote that recently the application has gained tremendous success. So, on social networks, the #faceappchallenge flash mob is gaining popularity.
FaceApp, AI Photo Editing App become the #1 in app stores worldwide

At the same time, American and German politicians have already expressed fears that the Russian app has very vague conditions of use, and in fact, people voluntarily transfer a picture of themselves or of another person who can be biometrically analyzed to a third, unknown party. And there is a risk that the photo will fall into the wrong hands.

The leader of the US Senate Democratic Party, Chuck Schumer, even asked the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission to check FaceApp for threats to national security.

What FaceApp Do?

It makes you feel yourself!!

The FaceApp application allows you to look at yourself in old age - the AI-powered app can process the portrait photos and shows the image of the user as to how he will look if he were too old or young many years ago.

Currently there are 4 different filters available in the app:
  1. Add magic to your selfie (glasses, hair, mustache, smile and more)
  2. Change your style (makeup and hair styles)
  3. Let them smile (put a realistic smile on anybody's face)
  4. Meet your future self (go old and see yourself in your old age)
The most hottest and trending filter is "Old Age" filter.

Who Is The Creator of FaceApp?

He is a genius!!

“Fontanka” gave a detailed biography of the creator of FaceApp, Yaroslav Goncharov, who was born in Sosnovy Bor and studied in St. Petersburg. And also published his statement of explanation to US senators.

Stay tuned for more updates.